Ghostly Visitors This Halloween? The Stones That Keep You Safe From The Bump In The Night

Earth Song Jewelry Halloween Stones for protection

Every year around this time it can be a little fun to indulge in the thought of things that go bump in the night. There’s something very fun and even relaxing about curling up on the couch with a mug of spiced cider, turning on a horror movie, or even roasting marshmallows over a fire and sharing ghost stories.

Ghost stories are a universal - practically every culture has their own version of ghost stories, myths and legends that have persisted over time, stories that have been passed down in history.

Many of those beliefs are also maintained in modern religions, filled with people who genuinely believe in those stories. So, while a horror movie might just be good fun, a great way to spend the season, have you ever considered that there might be something real out there? Something that really goes bump in the night?

To celebrate October this month I’ve decided to have a little fun and indulge the wild side a little more. To celebrate Halloween by believing, if just for a month, in the things that go bump in the night, and the stones and crystals thought to protect us from them.

So what about you? Are you interested in a little ghostly protection? An extra something to keep the dark outside, far away?

Whether you believe or are playing along for the fun of it, here are the stones, and the handmade natural stone jewelry, that work for you.

Amethyst Natural Stone Jewelry

Amethyst is widely considered one of the most protective natural stones out there, with its tendency to attract and encourage positive energy.

But wearing handmade Amethyst jewelry has another benefit as well. Amethyst encourages your intuition and instincts, making it easier to tell when there’s something lurking.

Of course, Amethyst jewelry has the benefit of being beautiful and popular on top of its metaphysical properties.

Tiger Eye Natural Stone Jewelry

Tiger Eye is another powerful protective stone, and is thought to help you think more clearly and to dispel feelings of fear or anxiety. It is thought that Tiger Eye stones can help you think more logically, and understand your situation better.

When it comes to spirits and the things that go bump in the night, wouldn’t you want a little extra help keeping your head on straight?

Not to mention that natural stone Tiger Eye jewelry is also particularly striking thanks to Tiger Eye’s unique and unmistakable coloring.

Kyanite Natural Stone Jewelry

Kyanite might be a newer stone in natural stone jewelry circles, but its popularity with handmade jewelry artisans like me isn’t all about its gorgeous colors. Blue Kyanite, like the kind I use in my handmade Kyanite jewelry, is also thought to offer direct protection from spirits.

If ghosts and ghouls are on your mind, there aren’t many things better to have on your side than a little Kyanite Jewelry.

Even better, the cool Blue tones found in natural Kyanite jewelry are a perfect Fall-Blue. Kyanite jewelry will pair well with your Autumn outfits, keeping you protected all year long.

Onyx Natural Stone Jewelry

Onyx is known for the purest black version of the stone, but other varieties, like the Silkstone Onyx I also use in my handmade jewelry, have similar metaphysical properties.

Silkstone and Onyx is thought to create a protective bubble around you, protecting you from psychic and spiritual interference, including interference from spirits. Black Onyx is thought to dispel negative energy and clear it.

Whether you wear it on its own, or combined with Selenite as in some of my handmade natural stone jewelry, Onyx is a powerful tool for those hoping to avoid shades and spirits during the witching hour.

Black Moonstone (Larvikite) Natural Stone Jewelry

Larvikite, which is commonly known as Black Moonstone, is another stone thought to provide protection and dispel negative energy. A lot of Black stones and crystals are thought to do exactly that. But, Larvikite has one additional property that takes it above and beyond the rest.

Black Moonstone is thought to help the wearer connect with Nature spirits, and call on Mother Nature in casting, energy work, and rituals.

Craving spiritual protection and to refresh your connection with the land? Black Moonstone jewelry might be just what you’ve been looking for.

There you have it, 5 more stones and crystals you can add to your wardrobe this October. Not only are each of these stones thought to be protective and help keep ghostly visitors at bay, they are also all gorgeous, and perfect for wearing as jewelry.

Looking great wearing handmade natural stone jewelry just happens to be a side benefit.


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