The Regal Beauty Of February's Birthstone - Amethyst

Earth Song Jewelry February Amethyst Birthstone crystal
Published: January 27, 2024, Updated: January 27, 2024

Birthstones are some of the most beautiful stones found by humans. With the exception of a few, rare, much more recent discoveries like Larimar, birthstones were chosen from the most remarkable, most prized stones in existence.

February’s Birthstone is no exception. In fact, of all of them, only February has a naturally purple stone for its birthstone. February’s birthstone is the unforgettable Amethyst.

Amethyst is one of the most highly prized stones or crystals in the world. In fact, it was once as highly prized as Emeralds or Rubies, and is a common gem to find in Royal and Religious jewelry collections.

Purple gems and stones are uncommon. Amethyst is the most consistent of them, though there are some purplish Garnets, a few purple Sapphires, and Tanzanite can appear purple in some lights, Amethyst is the brightest, truest, strongest purple gem of them all.

Everyone born in February should consider themselves lucky to have a connection to this incredible gem and birthstone.

The Most Beautiful Handmade Amethyst Jewelry

Handmade Amethyst jewelry is some of the most stunning jewelry out there. Natural stone amethyst comes in a wide range of patterns, color variations, and clarity, making it some of the most variable natural stone jewelry you can get.

That incredible variety is one of the reasons Amethyst has been so prized by so many different people and cultures. Where one person might prefer Amethyst with deep color and high clarity, another person might prefer the beautiful diamond stripes of Chevron Amethyst.

Here are some of my favorite pieces of Amethyst birthstone jewelry. But of course, all Amethyst jewelry is beautiful, so you’re also free to peruse my February Amethyst Jewelry collection to see if one of my other designs calls to you.

Stacked Amethyst Earrings

Featuring fine Amethyst stones that have a deep purple hue and good clarity, my Stacked Amethyst Earrings are some of the best you can get in natural stone Amethyst jewelry. The design is simple all the better to show off the incredible color of the Amethyst.

These earrings are the perfect everyday dangling earring, with just a hint of the flare you need for more formal occasions. As a versatile piece of jewelry, they make an excellent birthday gift for any February birthdays in your life.

Artistic Natural Amethyst Hearts

Heart earrings are a simple and classic way to show someone how much you care about them. They make for an excellent gift for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day, but especially on a birthday.

These Artistic Natural Amethyst Hearts combine the best of a beautiful handmade heart shape with the natural beauty of Amethyst chips.

If you’re looking for a beautiful birthday present for a daughter or partner, look no further.

Raw Amethyst Ring

My raw stone rings are a bit of an experiment, and one of the newest pieces of jewelry in my handmade jewelry collections.

These raw Amethyst stones are some of the best examples of the art of Mother Nature, kept the way they were created so you can enjoy the beauty of natural stones without the distractions of human modification.

To go with the simple stones in my Raw Amethyst Rings, an equally simple Sterling Silver band, adjustable to fit almost any hand, draws attention to the bright color of the stone, rather than distracting from it.

Perfect for an everyday ring, Raw Amethyst Rings make for an excellent gift for any Amethyst lovers.

Hammered Amethyst Square Hoops

Hoping for something a little more unique this year, but still wanting to get a Birthstone jewelry gift? My hammered Amethyst Square Hoops are a great option for anyone who wants a simple earring that will stand out from the crowd.

Better yet, while these square hoops are certainly eye-catching, the design is still lightweight and comfortable.

The contrast between the square design of the earrings and the round Amethyst stone decorating them makes it even more interesting.

Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Want something a little more traditional, but a jewelry gift that will still stand out? My Amethyst Pendant Necklace features not only a teardrop cut Amethyst pendant, but also an Amethyst decorated chain.

This design is a little more of a formal piece than I have made in the past, but it’s a fantastic focal piece for any formal events or nicer occasion. Or it could also be worn anytime the recipient want to look their best.