Wholesale Program Details

I offer Wholesale pricing for approved Retailer accounts!

Please feel free to browse the site without an account - but to see Wholesale pricing, you will need to create an approved Wholesale account.

Creating a Wholesale account

If you would like a Wholesale account, please contact me here.

You will need to provide your state's reseller sales license number to validate your reseller status as a retailer. I will eventually need a copy of your valid reseller sales license for my records.

In addition, I will need the name of your store and information about where you plan to sell my products (physical location(s) and/or your online sales channels such as your website or your social media channels).

Note that I do NOT approve anyone to re-sell my work on any Marketplace (e.g., Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Alibaba, etc., are not allowed).

Once I have your information, I will review and approve you as a Wholesale buyer and the wholesale discount will be applied to your purchases. I will also send you more detailed information about my Wholesale Program - including information on minimum order quantities, shipping, returns, product presentation/packaging, additional options I offer, etc.

Wholesale Payment

I accept a large variety of payment methods. Please contact me if you have any special payment requests.