Guaranteed No-Hassle Returns

I want you to be thrilled with my jewelry!

If you have any issues, please contact me within 60 days for a prompt, no-hassle refund or exchange.

If the item is a gift, I understand that the recipient may not receive the gift from you immediately. Not to worry! Please let the gift recipient know that I will honor the guaranteed return policy for them for 60 days after they receive their gift.

For holidays: Gifts purchased early for holidays, such as Christmas, can be bought early and still returned by the recipient for 60 days. E.g., you buy a gift for someone in July, give it to them on December 25th and they have until February 25th to return it!

Shipping fees are covered by my 100% guarantee!

If I sent you the wrong item, the item is defective, the item arrives broken or you feel it was not as described and you decide to return it for a refund or exchange - I will send you a pre-paid USPS shipping label so it is hassle-free for you to do the return. If you exchange an item with these above issues, I will not charge you shipping for the exchanged item. If you return or exchange an item with the above issues, I will refund your original shipping cost as well as the cost of the item when I have received the return.

If you have any issues after 60 days, please contact me and I'll do my best to resolve the issue for you!

Please note: If you chose an option other than FREE Shipping, I will not refund you the added cost of shipping unless the item was defective/arrived broken, I sent you the wrong item or you feel the item was not as described.

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My jewelry journey began decades ago, when I wanted to wear jewelry that conveyed my passion for the artistic spirit of nature and the outdoors- so I learned to craft it myself!

I've honed my skills over the years. Five years ago, I decided to make my jewelry available to all who connect with the natural world... which I do through my website and in shops & galleries.

My love of nature led me to become a Conservation Colorado Green Business Leader Partner. To help protect our land, air and water, I donate 10% of my proceeds to Conservation Colorado.

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