Larvikite Jewelry

Larvikite, also known as Black Moonstone, has always reminded people of the bright light of the moon and the shadows of its craters.
It’s a stone that feels mysterious, almost unearthly, in all its forms.

For my jewelry, I’m often drawn to Black Moonstone, where the silvery-blue iridescence flashes even brighter against the gray and black colors of the stone.

Moonstone is one of June's birthstones. It comes in many colors - and Black Moonstone has a uniquely alluring glow.

My Black Moonstone necklaces and earrings for women, and bracelets for both men and women, are all designed to show off the best of Black Moonstone’s iridescence and incredible beauty!

Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly carbon neutral jewelry
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly made with recycled materials
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly with sustainable materials and practices
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly always hypoallergenic and nickel free!

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Hypoallergenic And Nickel-Free?

Absolutely! The Sterling Silver I use in my jewelry is always 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic. In fact, all of my handmade stone jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free and made in the USA, including jewelry made with other metals!

Check our my Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free Information to learn more about why I take this so seriously and why all of my handmade jewelry is 100% nickel free.

Does Black Moonstone Have Any Special Meanings?

Many people might have their own unique associations with this stone, but Black Moonstone doesn’t have any more official special meanings.

For me? Since all of my artisan jewelry is inspired by nature, I see Black Moonstone, officially Larvikite, as a stone connected to the night sky and the cosmos. It looks a bit like you might imagine the black side of the moon or a nebula or galaxy in distant space.

So, even without a special meaning, Black Moonstone is still a special stone - perfect for handmade stone jewelry!

What Types Of Handmade Black Moonstone Jewelry Do You Sell?

Right now, I primarily offer Black Moonstone in Sterling Silver earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, if you have an idea for Black Moonstone and don’t see something in my existing collection, you can always contact me to see if I can make a custom piece that suits your needs.

Is Black Moonstone Jewelry Good For Everyday Wear?

Yes. Black Moonstone is a relatively durable stone, so it’s suitable for everyday wear. However, it’s not as durable as some stones and gems like Emerald or Ruby, so it’s probably best to take off your Black Moonstone before doing household chores or any rough activities outside.

What Colors Does Black Moonstone Jewelry Come In?

Black Moonstone has a lot of different colors inside it, but the primary color of the stone is usually black or a dark misty gray color. In the flashes of color inside the stone, you may see paler grays, blues, greens, or other colors depending on the angle, cut, and what light you’re using.

Is Black Moonstone Real Moonstone?

Black Moonstone isn’t actually Moonstone! The two stones look very similar, which is part of how Black Moonstone got its trade name since it’s easier for people to remember. However, my Black Moonstone’s official name is actually Larvikite.

For the sake of simplicity, though, you can use either term, and most people will know what you’re talking about. Larvikite isn’t entirely as well known as Black Moonstone, though!