October Birthstone Jewelry - Peruvian Opal and Pink Tourmaline

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Birthstones have a special importance to a lot of people. They’re the stones you grow up with, the ones that you’re most likely to get in gifts, and they can also have a special meaning to people born in each month.

Getting someone birthstone jewelry is a fantastic way to show that you care about them, not to mention that it’s a fun and personal way to celebrate their birth.

October, like many months, has a couple of different birthstone options to work with. Opal and Pink Tourmaline are both traditional birthstones for October, and both stones make for some incredible natural stone jewelry.

Here at Earth Song Jewelry I have Peruvian Pink Opals and Pink Tourmaline, both of which are elegant options for birthday celebrants of all ages! Here are some handmade October birthstone jewelry options for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Beautiful Pink October Birthstone Jewelry

It’s always a good idea to try and match handmade birthstone jewelry gifts to the recipient, both in terms of the stone you choose, and the color and design you get. Just because a stone might be someone’s birthstone doesn’t always mean that it’s the ideal option for them.

If you’re shopping for someone with an October birthday, but who isn’t a fan of Opals or Pink Tourmaline, you can always shop for other natural stone jewelry based on their tastes. If you know the recipient’s favorite color you can shop for jewelry by color. Or, if you have another stone in mind, you can search for jewelry made from that stone.

Peruvian Opal Hoop Curves

If you’re shopping for someone who loves hoops, these Peruvian Opal Hoop earrings are for them. The ¾ circle of these partial hoops is highlighted by the single Peruvian Opal on each earring. Made with beautiful Sterling Silver, these earrings stand out beautifully against your profile.

The natural pink of Peruvian Opals is beautiful, with a subtle luster that catches the light and almost makes these stones glow.

These earrings are a great gift for anyone who prefers larger earrings, loves hoops, or who is looking for a pair of earrings that stand out to add to their jewelry collection.

Sparkling Pink Tourmaline Handmade Necklace and Earrings Set

Tourmaline comes in almost every color out there, far more colors than the rainbow. For my Sparkling Pink Tourmaline Necklace and Earring Set I hand select the perfect Pink Tourmaline stones.

No two stones have exactly the same color, but I always work to choose a placement and arrangement of different shades of pink to create a matching set.

If you’re looking to give someone a gorgeous and richly colored jewelry set, this is the set for you. Perfect for special occasions and every day where, this set is a pink lover’s dream. And maybe the perfect set for someone who loved the Barbie Movie this summer!

Pink Peruvian Opal Handmade Solitaires

For the last set of Opal earrings, these Handmade Peruvian Opal Solitaires are about as classic as it gets. With a single stone, and elegant loops of silver wire to help catch the light.

These stones are classic Peruvian Opals, lightly swirled and speckled with other colors.

There is something classically feminine about these earrings, with their pale pink color, subtle glow, and mesmerizing patterns.

Sparkling Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Love the look of gorgeous Pink Tourmaline jewelry, but don’t want to get a full jewelry set? These Sparkling Pink Tourmaline Earrings will quickly become some of the recipient’s favorite earrings!


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