The Top 13 Powerful Natural Stones For Your Metaphysical Practice

Earth Song Jewelry 13 natural stones crystals for your metaphysical practice

One of the uses for natural stone jewelry is to use them for metaphysical work, to help balance and support your Chakra, or to set your intentions for the day to come. I love the way natural stone jewelry can help me feel connected to the Earth, to the beauty of Earth’s creation. But that is far from the only use for natural stones and crystals.

There are a lot of different ways to use natural stone jewelry in your metaphysical practice. I’ll talk more about Chakra-specific uses in future articles, since that practice can be different.

Choosing the right stones for your metaphysical practice takes time and consideration, but knowing how each of them work and what they can do and symbolize can help.

While some metaphysical practitioners provide medical uses for the stones they use, I will not be listing any of those uses here. Using natural stones and crystals for mental and psychological support during illness is one thing, but they are not a replacement for proper medical care and treatment.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let's talk about what different kinds of natural stones can do, and why you should consider wearing natural stone jewelry instead of just getting raw crystals or palm stones.

13 Powerful Natural Stones and Crystals For Your Metaphysical Practice

Here are 13 of the most powerful stones you can use in your metaphysical practice. Each of them is a little different. Each of them works in a different way.

Many people who use natural crystals for metaphysical workings, rituals, and daily life, find that they have a few favorites, or stones that work particularly well for them. So pay attention if you notice feeling any particular affinity for these stones as you’re reading about them and what they do.

Amethyst - Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Passion

Amethyst is one of the most common natural stones in metaphysical workings, and is widely considered to be one of the most potent stones as well. In both raw crystal forms and worked into jewelry, Amethyst is thought to help create spiritual connections between you and the world around you.

Amethyst does a lot of different things depending on your intention and how you want to use it. It’s thought to help enhance your intuition and sharpen your instincts.

Worn everyday, Amethyst jewelry can help increase your spiritual awareness, sharpen your intuition, and help you feel more creative and passionate about what you’re doing.

Since Amethyst is such a beautiful stone, wearing it in natural stone jewelry is a fantastic way to keep this stone around you all the time. Amethyst earrings are an easy way to wear it, but necklaces work better for people who want a talisman or something you can hold when you want a boost.

Tourmaline - Versatile, Emotional Healing, Grounding

Natural Tourmaline is another powerful stone, and its wide range of colors makes it perfect for people who want a more versatile stone. Each color has a slightly different use, though all Tourmaline can help you ground and center, directing your energy in a more focused way.

This isn’t a complete list of all of the forms of Tourmaline and their associations, but these are the main associations. All of these colors and formations are naturally occurring, though you’ll see some colors more than others. Green Tourmaline is more common than Watermelon Tourmaline, for instance.

Black: Protection, clearing energy, grounding.

Pink: Compassion, gentleness, emotion.

Green: Vibrant, earth, strength.

Blue: Communication, water, honesty.

Purple: Emotional release, relaxation, grounding

Brown: Grounding, calm.

Rainbow: Balance, light, energy.

Watermelon: Peace, joy, connection.

Tourmaline jewelry often combines more than one color, giving you more than one property in a single piece of jewelry. Of course, jewelry made with a single color, like my Pink Tourmaline jewelry set, gives you an even more potent version of the properties associated with that specific color.

Citrine - Creativity, Wealth, Emotional Balance

Citrine has a lot of different uses in metaphysical workings. Some people who want to attract wealth and good fortune get crystal trees made with Citrine stones to put in their workplaces since the stone is thought to attract wealth and opportunity.

That might be one of the most common uses of Citrine, but there is plenty else this stone can do, especially when you wear jewelry made from natural Citrine.

Citrine is thought to encourage warmth and joy in wearers, dispelling negative energy and encouraging positivity. It’s also thought to improve concentration and focus, improving your motivation and making it easier to come up with creative solutions for the problems in front of you.

Lastly, wearing Citrine jewelry can encourage self expression and confidence.

Malachite - Joy, Transformation, Emotional Healing

Malachite is often considered a masculine stone in metaphysical uses, but everyone can use it. It’s a stone of transformation and power. It's thought to increase your awareness of sensuality, encourage joy and wistfulness, and most importantly, it can ease transformation.

Wearing Malachite natural stone jewelry can help ease the process of transformation, making it easier to become the person you want to be, especially if that means becoming more creative, more self assured, or more joyful.

Malachite is also often used to help support emotional healing, making it easier to reveal and process emotional pain, and helping the wearer learn how to live and function around pain, without letting pain overcome you.

Rose Quartz - Trust, Harmony, Love

Rose Quartz is one of the stones sometimes called the Stone of Love thanks to its close associations with love and relationships between people. It can also be called the Heart Stone, which might be more appropriate since Rose Quartz can help foster and improve other kinds of relationships as well.

This stone is also thought to help inspire trust, and also to make it easier to tell who you should trust, and who you shouldn’t. It can also improve your intuition in relationships.

Rose Quartz is also especially powerful when it comes to promoting self-love, making it easier to see the best qualities you have, and to forgive yourself for any faults.

Like Malachite, Rose Quartz is particularly helpful for people seeking inner healing, or who want to encourage peace and harmony in their lives. Like all Quartz stones, Rose Quartz is considered highly protective.

Tiger Eye - Mental Clarity, Strength, Protection

Tiger Eye is one of the most powerful protection stones for any metaphysical practitioner. It’s thought to improve your intuition and mental clarity, while also providing protection, both physical and mental for the wearer.

Natural Tiger Eye’s cat-eye effect and bright gold and black banding make it striking, which is why it was once worth more than gold, but its real value is in how it can boost your willpower and personal strength.

Tiger Eye is also a good luck stone, thought to work as a lucky charm while also warding off danger and helping people avoid problems. This stone can be particularly helpful for people who want to stop self-sabotaging, since it can help you see yourself more clearly, and also protects and provides strength to make resisting negative thoughts and behavior a little easier.

Amazonite - Luck, Hope, Perspective

Amazonite is sometimes called the Hope Stone, and is a powerful talisman for people who want to invite opportunity into their lives and metaphysical practice. Thought to encourage hope and make it easier to take opportunities when you see them, and also to bring good luck, this stone works well anytime you’re looking for a more positive perspective.

Amazonite is also thought to encourage critical thinking, making it easier to see issues from multiple perspectives and understand how other people are looking at a situation.

Lastly, Amazonite can help encourage honesty and integrity, both in the person wearing natural stone Amazonite jewelry, as well as in the people around them.

Top Metaphysical Advantages Of Wearing Natural Stone Jewelry

Not that you have a few more stones to experiment with in your practice, here are some of the reasons you should consider getting natural stone jewelry made with these crystals, instead of ir in addition to getting raw crystals alone.

Keeping Stones Close Helps You Reap the Benefits

Natural stone jewelry is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can keep stones near you at all times. In many metaphysical practices, contact with the stones is an important part of maintaining your connection and getting the most benefit from them.

Wearing your stones in handmade necklaces, bracelets, or earrings can give you a subtle way to work your magic anytime and anywhere.

Metaphysical and Chakra Stones Can Remind You of Your Goals

Wearing your metaphysical stones or Chakra stones can also help remind you of what you’re working toward, your personal and professional goals, and why you’re doing what you do.

That’s critical because remembering what you’re working toward, working for, can make it easier to stay motivated. Even just the occasional glimpse of your favorite metaphysical stones can help keep you focused.

If you find seeing your stones and crystals particularly helpful, handmade natural stone bracelets are a great way to get that reminder.

Natural Stone Jewelry Let You Carry a Connection to the Earth with You

Maintaining your connection to the Earth and the natural energy all around you is a key part of every metaphysical practice. When you wear natural stone jewelry you get to carry a literal piece of the Earth with you. A reminder of the beauty and power of nature, as well as our connections to the world around us.

Want a piece of jewelry made with specific stones for your metaphysical practice and workings? You can always contact Earth Song Jewelry to see if I can make a custom piece of jewelry with the stones you’ve chosen!

Ready to learn more about natural stones and the metaphysical and Chakra uses for these stones? Check the blog at Earth Song Jewelry - I put together a lot of guides and information about the stones I use in my natural stone jewelry and there is a ton to explore!