Tiger Eye Jewelry

Marked by brilliant bands of golden yellow and deep brown, yellow Tiger Eye is well named. After all, it looks like a tiger’s coat and has a cat’s eye effect.

Believed to bring you good luck - this is a perfect stone for both men and women!

Tiger Eye is a historical birthstone for June and an alternate gemstone for your 9th wedding anniversary.

Did you know that Tiger Eye comes in other colors? I also use Blue and Blonde Tiger Eye stones in my jewelry designs.

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Is Tiger Eye Jewelry Good For Everyday Wear?

Yes. Tiger Eye can sometimes look like a delicate stone because of how light shines through it and highlights different sections of the stone. But Tiger Eye is a durable and relatively hard stone, harder than glass and slightly less durable than stones like Ruby or Emerald.

Because it’s a hard stone, Tiger Eye can be worn daily and is suitable for all jewelry styles.

You also don’t need to worry about damage to your Tiger Eye jewelry from everyday chores, so it’s an excellent stone for people who forget to take their jewelry off when doing potentially damaging activities.

What Colors Does Tiger Eye Jewelry Come In?

Classic Tiger Eye, the stone you’re probably picturing, comes in stripes of bright gold and brown stone, with the browns sometimes appearing so dark that they look black.

But did you know that natural Tiger Eye comes in other colors, and all of the different colors of Tiger Eye stone are suitable for natural stone jewelry?

Yep! Tiger Eye also comes in red and blue variants, where the gold color is swapped out for a red or blue hue. The brown sections in both red and blue Tiger Eye generally look darker and closer to black than the brown parts of golden Tiger Eye.

All three color presentations also come in a range of hues and intensities, all of them beautiful.

Occasionally, you may see natural stone jewelry marketed as Ox Eye or Hawks Eye stones. Ox Eye is just another name for red Tiger Eye, while Hawks Eye stones are blue Tiger Eye.

What Types Of Handmade Tiger Eye Jewelry Do You Sell?

Right now, I sell a wide selection of handmade artisan jewelry made with Tiger Eye stones. You can buy stud or dangling earrings in Tiger Eye, as well as necklaces and bracelets. The only style of jewelry I don’t offer in Tiger Eye is rings.

Is Tiger Eye A Birthstone?

Tiger Eye was historically used as June’s birthstone and continues to be a good, if less common, option for June birthdays.

Did you know that many months have more than one Birthstone? They do! This is good news. If you don’t like the most common Birthstone for your month, you can just get birthstone jewelry made from one of the other stones!

Does Tiger Eye Have Any Special Meanings?

The most common special meaning associated with Tiger Eye is strength and resilience. Tiger Eye is also thought to increase psychic energies and empathy.

Is Tiger Eye Jewelry Eco-Friendly?

Yes, or at least Tiger Eye can be eco-friendly. Using sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction techniques, in combination with recycling stones that are still in good condition (thankfully common since Tiger Eye is a hard stone), make Tiger Eye one of the more eco-friendly stones suitable for handmade jewelry and birthstone jewelry.

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