Best Jewelry Anniversary Gift Ideas by Year

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Published: June 19, 2023, Updated: November 16, 2023

Exchanging gifts is more than just a tradition though, it’s also a fantastic way to show how much you care about your life partner. If you’re looking for something unique to celebrate everything that makes your relationship special, you’re in the right place.

Of course, getting something unique doesn’t mean you have to ignore tradition. A gift of personalized jewelry in the traditional stones of your wedding anniversary combines the best of both keeping to tradition and honoring your partner’s unique personality. 

Looking for anniversary gift ideas? This list of the best natural stone jewelry gifts, organized by anniversary year, will give you some inspiration for your next anniversary!

Anniversary Stones By Year

Natural stone jewelry is one of the best gifts you can give your partner for your anniversary. Since stone jewelry is always unique, choosing the right design, stone, and style of jewelry is one way to say you see and appreciate everything unique about your partner.

Let’s dive into some unique handmade jewelry anniversary gift ideas!

1st Anniversary - Gold Gems

Gold might be the traditional gift for a first anniversary, but there’s no reason you can’t reach for something a little more unique by choosing a gold gemstone instead! Try natural stone jewelry with my Citrine or Peach Moonstone earrings to mark your first anniversary together with something both traditional and creative!

2nd Anniversary - Garnet

Garnets are January’s birthstone, but they’re also known for their rich red color or the rarer forest green variety. This stone is a wonderful choice for showing the ever deeper love between you and your partner.

Add a secret layer of meaning to your gift by selecting my ALWAYS morse code Garnet bracelet, or choose custom jewelry with your own special message.

3rd Anniversary - Pearl

Pearl jewelry is a beautiful classic, whether the Pearls are arranged in a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet. Consider getting a beautiful solitaire Pearl in your partner’s favorite color for this anniversary. Pearls are a traditional gift for both your 3rd and 30th anniversary, so you may want to get a jewelry set over time or increase the number of pearls in each gift.

4th Anniversary - Blue Gems

Traditionally, Blue Topaz is the anniversary gift for your 4th anniversary, but any light blue gem can be a wonderful option. Consider getting handmade artisan jewelry that reflects your partner’s personality and taste. That way, you can choose from a wider selection of light blue stones: including Aquamarine (which symbolizes happiness and hope and is also the traditional gem for 19th anniversaries) or Kyanite (which symbolizes quiet strength and is believed to be a grounding stone) for a more unique option.

Any of these blue stones, and their symbolic meaning, would create a gift with special meaning for your relationship.

5th Anniversary - Sapphire

Sapphires are beautiful in all colors, but why not keep to the blue theme for this anniversary? The deeper hues of Blue Sapphire are perfect for formal occasions and even dressing up casual outfits, making them an incredibly versatile stone gift.

Better yet, Sapphires have been used in almost all jewelry styles, so you have many options!

6th Anniversary - Amethyst

Amethysts are some of the most beautiful stones out there. A purple/violet form of quartz, Amethysts are all unique; whether you’re choosing a deep violet faceted gem or opt for the purple and white banding of natural stone jewelry, Amethysts are always sure to please!

Amethysts are also February’s birthstone, making it doubly special if your partner was born in February.

Looking for a unique set? Consider my Amethyst Pendulum set.

7th Anniversary - Onyx

Onyx is known for its deep black color and the bright shine on polished stones. In jewelry, Onyx is suitable for almost every occasion.

But did you know that Onyx comes in other colors, too? Silk Stone Onyx looks like tiny threads of black against white, making for striking jewelry in all styles.

Want classic black? Why not choose a statement Onyx necklace? Or want to complement your partner with something unique? Consider these Onyx Curves earrings.

8th Anniversary - Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a gem that symbolizes the combination of heart and intellect, purity, truth, and longevity. Truly, this is a wonderful gem to give on your 8th wedding anniversary - an anniversary gift that speaks to your ongoing commitment to one another.

9th Anniversary - Lapis Lazuli

In Ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli stones were thought to open the heart to love. Making it to your 9th anniversary already proves that you’re very much in love with your partner, but why not make room for that love to grow even deeper and more powerful?

Lapis Jewelry is stunning in almost any style, so why not choose unique handmade artisan jewelry that suits your partner’s individuality and spirit?

10th Anniversary - Diamond Or Blue Sapphire

Diamonds are a traditional gift for your 10th anniversary, but if you or your partner don’t like diamonds, Blue Sapphires are the traditional alternative.

Both of these beautiful gems have strong connections to Royalty and are some of the most highly prized gemstones in the world. Remember, looking for something unique is a good idea, especially when shopping for classic gems like these.

15th Anniversary - Ruby

Rubies are among the most beautiful red gems in the world! Known for their bright colors, Rubies range from cool pinks to brilliant scarlet. With meanings connected to passion, love, health, and wealth, this gem is a fantastic way to celebrate a long partnership and commit to many more years together.

20th Anniversary - Emerald

Emeralds are striking green gems and associated with all the lush bounties of nature - including your bountiful love for your partner. These beautiful gems might not be as common as Diamonds, Sapphires, or Rubies, but they are every bit as brilliant and wondrous.

Commemorate your anniversary with handmade stone jewelry that celebrates your connection to each other and your connection to nature.

25th Anniversary - Silver

The traditional gift for your 25th anniversary isn’t a gem, it’s silver. But that opens a whole world of possibilities, including all styles of handmade Sterling Silver jewelry, silvery gems like Diamonds, or even gemstones with an iridescent silver flash, like Black Moonstone.

30th Anniversary - Pearl

Your 30th anniversary is a time for celebration and also a time for upgrading your partner’s existing jewelry. Consider adding another Pearl item to their collection, upgrading a Solitaire to a string of Pearls, or gifting a set of Pearl jewelry.

35th Anniversary - Emerald

Emerald’s long and storied history makes it an excellent selection for your 35th anniversary. It’s a favorite gem of royalty, from Ancient Egypt to the Incan Empire, and has long been associated with the cycles of life.

Emeralds are the stone of inspiration - what better gemstone to celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary?

40th Anniversary - Ruby

Making it to your 40th anniversary is truly an occasion for joy, celebration, and reverence. The long time you’ve spent together makes your love and passion for one another clear to anyone - so it’s a great time to bring back the gem that best symbolizes all that love and passion.

Look for unique handmade Ruby jewelry that expresses your partner’s character and charm.

45th Anniversary - Sapphire

Blue Sapphires, a symbol of truth, faithfulness, and nobility, are truly the perfect gem for your 45th wedding anniversary. This anniversary gift should commemorate the long history between you and your partner, the many joys you’ve shared and how far you’ve come as life-long partners.

For this most important of anniversaries, Sapphire jewelry is a fantastic option no matter what style, but why not choose to create your own custom jewelry to create something as unique and singular as your relationship?

Earth Song Jewelry Anniversary Stones By Year for best anniversary gift

There are a lot of traditional options for anniversary gifts, but I’ve always thought that the best gifts are personalized and reflect something special about your life partner or your relationship together.