Ruby Jewelry

Rubies might be the gem of love and passion, but they’re great for more than Valentine’s Day! These gems come in brilliant hues from magenta to scarlet, including my favorite red raspberry shade.

Rubies are July’s birthstone - the brilliant red color is perfect for one of the year's hottest months!
They are also the traditional gift for your 15th and 40th wedding anniversary — quite the milestones to commemorate with stunning Rubies.

When it comes to jewelry for women, few gems are as perfect as the beautiful Ruby!

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Is Ruby A Birthstone?

Yes! Rubies are July’s Birthstone, and they’re a perfect stone for the warmer months. The bright red of Rubies reminds you of the heat of summer, so their association with July births makes perfect sense!

Is Ruby Associated With Any Specific Anniversaries?

If you’re looking for gifts for traditional anniversary presents, Rubies are definitely going to be on the list. Ruby gifts are traditional for your 15th and 40th anniversaries.

Given how spectacular these stones are, that makes perfect sense! Rubies are a wonderful stone to commemorate the commitment of 15 or 40 years to another person.

Does Ruby Have Any Special Meanings?

Absolutely. Rubies have been one of the most beloved stones throughout history, which means they have been associated with many different meanings over time.

Rubies today are seen as the stone of love, perfect for romantic gifts. They’re also thought to be a nurturing stone good for new parents and promote knowledge and creativity.

While some cultures have also seen Rubies as a stone that could increase foresight or be used to predict the future, those meanings are less common today.

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Hypoallergenic And Nickel-Free?

Yes. All of my Sterling Silver jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free, making it much safer for people with sensitive skin or a nickel allergy.

If you want to learn more about hypoallergenic jewelry and jewelry safe for sensitive skin, I’ve put together an article aboutSterling Silver hypoallergenic jewelry for precisely that reason!

Is Ruby Good For Handmade Jewelry?

Ruby is one of the best stones for handmade artisan jewelry. Natural stones sometimes don’t have the same color or luster as lab-created stones or faceted stones, but Rubies are some of the most consistent.

Natural Ruby comes in a range of red hues and is typically brightly colored in reds ranging from a pinkish scarlet to the Raspberry Red Rubies I often use in my natural stone jewelry.

Because its colors are so vibrant and offer consistently high saturation, Rubies are an excellent stone to use in a wide range of jewelry, from traditional birthstone jewelry to artisan and Avant-guarde jewelry.

Is Ruby Jewelry Good For Everyday Wear?

Absolutely! Some stones are more delicate than others, meaning they’re best saved for special occasions instead of worn daily.

But Rubies are a comparatively hard and durable stone, which means they can be worn daily without much concern that the stones will be scratched or damaged.