Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphires are some of the more beloved of all gemstones. They come in many beautiful colors, but the classic color of Sapphire is a remarkably deep blue that still catches the light and sparkles.
Blue is my favorite Sapphire color!

Sapphires are a traditional gift for your 5th, 10th, and 45th wedding anniversaries. It’s also September’s birthstone!

Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly carbon neutral jewelry
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly made with recycled materials
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly with sustainable materials and practices
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Is Sapphire A Birthstone?

Yes! Sapphires are September’s birthstone. These blue gems are perfect for the transition month between summer and autumn when blue skies and cool temperatures start to take over after the heat of August.

If you’re looking for birthstone jewelry for September, Sapphires are a fantastic option.

Is Sapphire A Good Anniversary Gift?

Absolutely! Few stones are as well loved and treasured as Sapphires. They’re a perfect stone to give in anniversary gifts, especially in handmade artisan jewelry.

Sapphires are so well loved, in fact, that they are a traditional anniversary gift for several significant anniversaries, including your 5th, 10th, and 45th marriage anniversaries!

Choosing natural stone jewelry can give you many more options for gifts for all those anniversaries, while handmade jewelry ensures that each piece is unique. Perfect for celebrating the unique things that make your relationship work.

What Types Of Handmade Sapphire Jewelry Do You Sell?

Right now, I primarily make necklaces and earrings with Sapphires. Like all my stones, though, I might experiment with other styles of jewelry depending on the availability of high-quality natural Sapphires, my own inspiration, and fashion trends in jewelry.

Remember, if you’re looking for a unique or custom piece, you can always contact me to see if I can make custom jewelry fitting your needs and vision.

What Colors Does Sapphire Jewelry Come In?

The classic deep blue of Sapphires most inspires me, but Sapphire stones come in a wide range of colors.

In fact, the only color Sapphires don’t come in is red… but not because red Sapphires don’t exist. Instead, we call red Sapphires Rubies.

Do You Make Custom Sapphire Jewelry?

Yes! If you have a specific idea in mind or want custom handmade Sapphire jewelry, you can always contact me to see if I can make your vision a reality.

Can Sapphire Be Worn Daily?

Yes! Natural stone jewelry made with Sapphire is suitable for daily wear, partly because Sapphires are very hard and durable stones.

They won't damage easily, which means that this stone can work in almost any jewelry style and as a daily piece with little risk of damaging the stones themselves.

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Hypoallergenic And Nickel-Free?

Absolutely. All of my Sterling Silver jewelry is Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free which is important to me because it means that my jewelry is safe and comfortable for more people to wear.

I make all of my artisan jewelry right here in the United States, in my workshop in Colorado. That way I can guarantee the quality of all my components and make sure only the best materials are used in my jewelry.

Is Sapphire In Style?

Yes! Sapphires are evergreen stones that will never go out of style. They are a classic stone, perfect for almost any outfit, and beautiful in any of their wide range of colors.

If you’re looking for jewelry that will remain beautiful and on-trend no matter how many times the fashion changes, Sapphires are one of the best possible options.