Set Your New Year's Intention With Natural Stone Jewelry

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Published: December 20, 2023, Updated: December 20, 2023

The holiday season is always hectic. Between jobs, getting presents, planning for holiday festivities, putting up decorations, cooking holiday feasts, and everything else that goes into making holiday magic happen, it can be easy to forget about the coming of the New Year.

But, New Year resolutions are a tradition centered on the idea that the New Year is a time of growth and renewal, one where you can set yourself up for the kind of year, and the kind of growth and change, that you’ve been looking for.

For a lot of people that can mean doing things like setting a weight loss goal, trying to spend more time outside, or working on and finishing projects left undone in previous years. Those kinds of concrete goals are fantastic, but they aren’t always effective for long term change.

There is another kind of New Year’s Resolution, and it’s one that you can use natural stone jewelry for if you want to.

Many of the same natural stones used in natural stone jewelry also have symbolic and metaphysical meanings that make them a powerful tool for setting your intention. Many are also used to help support your Chakra, and help create balance in your life.

If you’re looking to make a long term and long lasting change this New Year, here are some of the stones that can help you do it.

Here are some of the top stones for setting your intention and giving yourself new energy and a new direction during the New Year.

The Top Natural Stones For New Year's Resolutions and Lasting Intentions

These 7 stones are all powerful talismans as you’re working to achieve your goals and make your New Year's resolutions a reality. That doesn’t mean that these are the only stones you can use. If you find yourself drawn to a different natural stone, or a different natural stone jewelry design, trust your intuition.

You might even realize, in choosing the stones you want to wear in the New Year, what it is you’re really looking for in life right now.

Rose Quartz For Lasting Love And Stronger Relationships, Healing From Emotional Turmoil

Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to building stronger relationships with the people around us. It’s often associated with romantic love, and natural stone jewelry made with Rose Quartz can help attract that, but it can also make it easier to connect in other ways.

If you’re looking for closer or more meaningful relationships with friends or family, Rose Quartz can help there too.

This stone is also particularly helpful if you want to open up more in the New Year, or if your resolutions involve emotional healing. Whether you want to recover from a breakup, the loss of a friend or family member, or any other emotional tension as you head into 2024, Rose Quartz is a good stone to wear.

Citrine For Helping Your Dreams Come True And Achieving Financial Stability

Citrine, sometimes called the Merchant Stone, is also a powerful stone for helping make your goals a reality, especially financial goals.

If you’re heading into the New Year with a resolution to stick to your budgets, save for a big purchase, or are even considering going back to school or launching a new career, Citrine is the stone you want to be wearing.

Citrine also works particularly well with other yellow or orange stones to help encourage joy and resilience in everything you do.

Labradorite For New Beginnings, A Fresh Start, And Discovering Your True Self

Labradorite is all about helping you see things differently, making a fresh start, and finding your real interests and passions. In metaphysical circles it’s often recommended to wear Labradorite around the New Moon, to help you transition into a new month and new goals along with the lunar cycle and the changes through the year.

As a stone for New Year's, Labradorite can be particularly helpful for people who want to leave a difficult year behind and get a new beginning. It can also be a good stone for people in transition, helping encourage resilience and hope for the wearer.

Tiger Eye For Awakening Your Inner Strength and Resilience, Gaining Motivation, And Reaching Your Goals

Tiger eye is one of the stones most strongly associated with strength and resilience, and it's a popular stone for people who are hoping for more strength in their day to day lives.

However, it’s also a good stone for having the strength to pursue difficult goals, or to help motivate you to get through difficult situations.

It’s also a flexible stone, and can help with finding new or creative solutions to challenging situations. Wearing Tiger Eye jewelry is a great solution for anyone hoping to have a little more resilience in the coming year.

Selenite For Clearer Communication and Unlocking Inner Barriers

Selenite is a powerful stone for seeing things more clearly, and having the insight and clarity to communicate well and say exactly what you mean, and what needs to be said.

It can also help people who are getting in their own way by making it easier to overcome self-imposed barriers and reach your full potential.

Wearing Selenite can help you not only communicate more easily with others, it can also help you communicate better with yourself.

Malachite For Inspiring Focus, Encouraging Inner Clarity, And Helping Find Balance After Trauma

Malachite is a beautiful stone to wear in jewelry, but it’s more than just a pretty decoration.

Like Selenite, one of the uses of Malachite is to encourage better understanding of yourself and your motivation, internal and external.

Wearing Malachite jewelry can also help you focus, and make it easier to prioritize what you’re doing. Especially for people who are having a hard time finding equilibrium and purpose after a difficult or traumatic year, wearing Malachite can help reorient and find a way forward.

Rhodochrosite For Greater Compassion, For Yourself and Others, Breaking Old Patterns and Creating New

Last but not least, Rhodochrosite is another love stone, but its best benefits are a little different from Rose Quartz, especially when worn around the new year.

If Rose Quartz encourages deeper relationships, Rhodochrosite encourages deeper understanding and easier compassion for yourself and others. It encourages gentleness and makes it easier to be understanding when other people find themselves in difficult situations.

Especially relevant to the New Year, Rhodochrosite is one of the best stones to wear if you want to create new patterns in your life, or if you have recognized emotional and behavioral patterns you want to break.

Happy New Year From Earth Song Jewelry!