Citrine Jewelry

Surprisingly, most Citrine stones you see are created by heating Amethyst to create a rich yellow hue. Natural Citrine (not heated by man) is actually very rare.
Natural Citrines tend to be transparent with some yellow hues in the crystal - especially in light. I prefer to use natural Citrine, even though it’s rarer.

Natural Citrine has been transformed deep within the earth and proves that sometimes a little heat and pressure can create something truly incredible!
Although it’s more difficult to find, I prefer to use natural Citrine stones in my handmade jewelry.

Citrine is said to inspire joy, success and self-improvement. Citrines are also one of November’s birthstones and a traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift.

At the end of the day, though, I create Citrine jewelry for women because these gems are naturally beautiful and inspiring.

Is Citrine A Birthstone?

Yes! Citrine is perfect for natural stone birthstone jewelry and is one of November’s birthstones. Yes, I said one of November’s birthstones because there is more than one!

If you’re looking for birthstone jewelry for a loved one, consider handmade artisan jewelry as an alternative to more standard looks. Going handmade doesn’t just support small businesses; it’s also an excellent way to show appreciation for your loved one’s taste and style and get a unique present like no other!

Is Citrine A Good Anniversary Gift?

Not only is Citrine and Citrine natural stone jewelry a great Anniversary gift, but it’s also the traditional gift for your 13th marriage anniversary!

While traditional gifts are less common these days than they used to be, why not show your appreciation for your spouse and your dedication to your marriage by participating in themed gifts?

Is Citrine Jewelry In Style?

Citrine is always a stylish option, and its pale, almost clear to bright yellow hues are striking in almost all jewelry. Handmade artisan jewelry might look slightly different from the kind you can get from mass-manufacturing retailers, but that will add to the stylish flair and help you make an impression.

Yellow stones aren’t very common in jewelry, so you can be sure that your Citrine jewelry will draw eyes.

Is Sterling Silver Jewelry Hypoallergenic And Nickel-Free?

Absolutely. All of my jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free, including all of my Sterling Silver.

If you aren’t sure why that’s important, take a look at my article Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free Information.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to allergies and metal sensitivities. You should always check to ensure any jewelry you’re considering is hypoallergenic.

Can I Shower While Wearing Citrine Jewelry?

Yes, though I don’t recommend it. Citrine is safe in water and won’t dissolve, and it’s also unlikely to go through thermal shock, unlike some stones. That said, jewelry generally shouldn’t be worn in the shower, and wearing your jewelry in the shower can contribute to premature wear.

Also, the soaps and shampoos you use in the shower can form a coating on your jewelry, obscuring the color and luster of the natural stones.

It’s always best to remove your natural stone jewelry and even faceted gem jewelry before showering, doing chores, or doing anything that risks water or cleaners getting on the jewelry.

Does Citrine Have Any Special Meanings?

Yes! Citrine has long been considered the Merchants’ Stone since it’s believed to bring good fortune and riches to people who wear the stone or decorate with it.

Citrine is also thought to promote good mood and happy outlook and to be a summery sunny stone that can help with low moods in the winter.

In modern use, Citrine is thought to promote joy, success, and self-improvement in the people around it.

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