Parents Day: A Chance To Connect And Celebrate

Earth Song Jewelry National Parents Day Gift Guide 2023


Parenting is hard work, which is just one of the reasons we set aside holidays to celebrate parents and the relationships we have with them.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both relatively well known, but there is a third parent holiday in the US, Parents’ Day.

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate Parents’ Day, from honoring the cooperation and work between parents when it comes to raising children, to making space for parents from non-traditional families, whether you have more than two parents, or are raised by someone other than your bio-parent, this holiday helps make room for those other kinds of relationships.

If you’re celebrating Parents’ Day this year and looking for last minute presents, I can help. I’ve selected some of my best handmade jewelry suitable for Parents’ Day Gifts. This jewelry is perfect whether you’re getting something for your co-parent, or are a child or adult child getting presents for your parents.

Plus, if you want to include more than the traditional 2 parents in your Parents’ Day celebration, these natural stone jewelry gifts can help with that too!

Gifts Your Parents Are Sure To Love

Remember that all of my natural stone jewelry is handmade, which means that I need a little extra time to create your gifts, in addition to shipping time. With Parents’ Day 2023 right around the corner, the sooner you order your Parents’ Day Gifts the more likely it is that your gifts will arrive in time.

Petite Blue Kyanite Necklace and Earrings Set

If you’re buying for feminine parents of any kind, whether you’re buying for just your mom, multiple moms, or women who have served a parental role in your life, this Blue Kyanite jewelry set is an excellent option. Kyanite has been mined for at least a century, but thanks in part to its industrial use, is still relatively unknown in the world of jewelry and natural stones. However, its unique colors and banding make it perfect for natural stone jewelry, and an excellent gift for anyone who loves the color Blue!

Kyanite is also thought to help encourage meditation and being grounded, and to encourage logical thinking. This stone is perfect for parents who are focusing on those qualities in their day to day lives.

With dangling solitaire earrings and a matching solitaire necklace, my Petite Blue Kyanite Jewelry Set is suitable for almost any occasion. Don’t be surprised if you find your parent or parents rocking this jewelry as an every day accessory!

Petite Malachite Necklace and Earrings Set

If Blue is not really your parents’ favorite, but you like the design or the idea of a more casual every day jewelry set, this Malachite Jewelry Set might be just the ticket. Malachite is a naturally stunning stone, with bands of bright and dark Green that make it stand out from the crowd. That coloring is thanks to a high natural Copper content in the stones, which forms in both bands and circles in the stone.

That leads to some jaw-dropping patterns in natural Malachite stones, and makes Malachite one of the best crystals for natural stone jewelry like mine.

While this Petite Malachite Necklace and Earrings Set design is understated, the brilliant colors of the stones help to elevate it and make it suitable for even formal occasions. Malachite is also considered a more masculine stone, so while this set is designed with women in mind, it’s not a bad option for masculine parents who don’t mind wearing a little jewelry.

Matching Onyx Earrings

Looking for matching jewelry you can get for all your parents, regardless of gender? I make a range of natural stone earring studs, including sets and individual earrings, that you can get to give all of your parents a matching look this parent’s day.

Onyx is a classic stone option for this kind of gift, because the black stones stand out without being either masculine or feminine. The combination of opaque pure black color and the mirror shine you can get on Onyx stones makes these earrings truly stand out from the crowd.

For women, and men who wear two earrings, I have a set of Hammered Sticks Onyx Earrings that’s a sure winner. For men who wear a single earring, or any parents who prefer a single earring to a set, I have a single Onyx Nest Earring that is understated yet elegant.

Matching Lapis Lazuli Earrings

Looking for something a little brighter and more colorful, but like the idea of matching earrings for your Parents? How about these Lapis Lazuli Nests Earrings: available both singly and as a pair.

Looking For Even More Parents’ Day Inspiration?

None of these gifts seem like the perfect option? I have another gift guide for Parents’ Day featuring Morse Code jewelry and bracelets that might be a good fit for your parents. Check out my other Parents’ Day Gift Guide, or take a look at my Natural Stone Jewelry collections if you’re looking for even more inspiration!