Looking For Great Parents’ Day Gifts?

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Parents’ Day is coming up, which might be a surprise for some of you since this holiday doesn’t get nearly as much attention as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

But, when you really think about it, there are a lot of important reasons for there to be a Parents’ Day in addition to Mother’s and Father’s days.

For one thing, there are a ton of non-traditional family structures that also deserve recognition!

Anyone who puts in the work of raising kids, which can be difficult and draining as well as rewarding and fulfilling, deserves some recognition for that work. So if you’re an aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, or even a close friend of your child’s bio-parent, you deserve the same recognition as bio-parents.

Putting in the work isn’t easy, and making the decision to be there for a child, even when you didn’t make the decision to create that child, is huge.

Parents’ Day is also a great opportunity to celebrate all the parents in your life. If you’re a teenager or an adult with more than two parents, including step-parents, parental figures that aren’t a traditional part of your family, or in a poly family with more than two adults in parental roles, Parents’ Day is a great opportunity to acknowledge and honor those additional relationships.

Grew up with a tight friendship, and both you and your friend think of each other’s parents as parents? Maybe those parents deserve some recognition for the role they had in caring for you and shaping your personality as well!

Life is complicated, and sticky, and sometimes the standard shape of life just doesn’t fit your experience. The good news is that holidays like Parents’ Day give you the opportunity to choose what kind of shape you want your life to be.

So, whoever you’re shopping for this Parents’ Day, first, I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking this opportunity to give back to the people who parented you. The gesture is probably going to mean more to them than the actual presents, but the present you choose is a symbol of your relationship they can keep with them always.

Second, I’ve chosen a selection of presents that can work for any parent, so feel free to look for something that will work even for non-traditional family structures.

Third, if you are one of those people who had to parent yourself, maybe take a minute or two to celebrate yourself this Parents’ Day. Being your own parent is difficult, but, if you‘ve made it this far, you have a lot of reasons to thank yourself. You did the best you could in a tough situation, and you’ve made it this far.

Alright, now that we’ve taken a moment to talk about a ton of different kinds of parents, and I’ll be back to talk more about parents in the lead up to Parents’ Day (July 23rd, in case you were wondering), let’s take a look at some of the handmade jewelry presents you could get for your parents and chosen parents this year!

Handmade Parents’ Day Jewelry Gifts!

One quick disclaimer before we get into the presents. All of my jewelry is handmade, and I use natural stones and other natural materials to create every piece of jewelry.

That means that, while my product photos are representative of the finished design, your jewelry will inevitably have some small differences from the product photos. Those differences make your jewelry unique!

Additionally, since I use natural stones in my jewelry, rather than lab-created or altered crystals, the stones themselves will have small differences in color and pattern thanks to their natural formation.

As a nature-inspired artisan, I love the small differences that show up in handmade jewelry, but in a mass-manufactured world, it does mean that my products are a little different from the norm.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about my handmade jewelry gifts!

“Always” Morse Code Bracelet

One of the most powerful things about the relationship with parent and child is that these relationships stay with us forever. While our culture loves to talk about enduring romantic love, we often forget that there are other kinds of forever love, including the love between parents and their children. If you are lucky enough to have a forever relationship with your parents, why not show your appreciation for them, and the love between you, by getting them handmade “Always” Morse Code bracelets.

My existing “Always” bracelet is made with Garnet, Rock Quartz, and Howlite stones. Garnets are a symbol of love, especially deep relationships and friendships, and also a symbol of the love you always come back to, even after you’ve been separated.

Quartz is also a symbol of constancy. Quartz stones are often used in clocks and watches thanks to the stone’s ability to release a quick pulse of electricity at incredibly regular intervals.

While I love the symbolism of these stones, along with the “Always” message, you can of course contact me to make custom bracelets using different stones.

More on custom Parents’ Day jewelry in a moment.

Greek Leather Infinity Knot Bracelets

Looking for a symbol of the infinite nature of your relationship, but in a more androgynous material and design? I’ve got you covered!

My handmade Infinity Knot Bracelets use durable Greek Leather for an attractive, simple, and long-lasting design. I make these bracelets in two different colors of leather, Black and Brown, with two different accent metals, Sterling Silver and Copper.

Like all of my handmade jewelry, my Greek Leather Infinity Knot Bracelets are made with hypoallergenic materials so that they can be worn by almost anyone. I also make these bracelets in a variety of sizes, and indicate the most common wrist sizes for both sexes, to make shopping a little easier.

Aromatherapy, LGBTQ Pride and Chakra Bracelets

This bracelet was originally designed to take advantage of porous Lava Stones to hold scent for aromatherapy or to have a signature scent. However, the rainbow colors of the other stones (glass cat’s eye beads) also make it a perfect gift for LGBTQ parents, or parents who are interested in Chakra work and wear jewelry designed to support their Chakra.

My Rainbow Aromatherapy bracelets, like all of my artisan jewelry, are made to order and come in a range of different sizes so they are comfortable enough and durable enough to wear any time.

Like the LGBTQ and Chakra meanings, but don’t need aromatherapy? Well, I have another bracelet design for you! My 7 Chakra Bracelet uses real natural stones, each specifically chosen for its connection to one of the 7 Chakra. I also have an LGBTQ Pride bracelet, and a Trans Pride bracelet if you’re looking to show your love and appreciation for your LGBTQ and Trans parents.

Custom Bracelet Design

If none of the bracelets I’ve already discussed stood out to you, but you want to get your parents a handmade natural stone bracelet, I can help!

I also offer custom bracelet designs, to bring your vision to life.

Want to get a Morse Code bracelet with your specific nick-name for your parents? Well, I can help with that. Just let me know what you want me to write in morse code, and I can work with you to choose appropriate stones for your creation.

That means that you can get a Morse Code bracelet honoring anyone you want to include on Parents’ Day.

Shipping Delays Happen, Order Handmade Gifts Soon!

If you’re hoping to get handmade gifts this Parents’ Day, whether you’re buying from me or another artisan, it’s important to order your gift soon. Not only do you need to consider shipping time, but also the artisan’s time creating your gift.

Custom orders should be placed as soon as possible to account for extra time in designing your gift.

I always do my best to make sure your gifts arrive in time, including letting you know about shipping windows. That way you can celebrate without having to worry if your Parents’ Day presents will come in time!


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