August’s Brilliant Green Birthstone - Peridot

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Peridot might not be a gem name most people know, but that does make them any less stunning. In fact, Peridot gems are often mistaken for their better-known cousins, Emeralds! The two gems do have a similar range of color and luster, and can be indistinguishable when you’re looking at them with the naked eye.

It’s so common to mistake Peridot for Emeralds, in fact, that it’s thought that Cleopatra’s ‘Emeralds’ may have in fact been Peridot in part because of how common Peridot is in that part of the world.

August birthdays are lucky to have such a beautiful stone for their birthstone, and one that works so well in natural stone jewelry!

Peridot Natural Stone Jewelry!

If you’re looking for natural stone jewelry gifts for someone’s August Birthday, I can help! Here is some of my handmade Peridot jewelry, perfect for any birthday!

As a note, while Peridot tends to be a fairly uniform stone, unlike some natural crystals, I do use natural stones in my jewelry. That means that there can be some variation in the color or clarity of the stones, and my product photos are representative of the jewelry, but won’t be 100% the same.

Though, when it comes to birthday gifts, that’s actually a good thing! Why? Because my natural stone jewelry is always a completely unique gift!

Peridot and Sterling Silver Handmade Jewelry Set

Right now the main handmade Peridot jewelry I create is a sparkling earring and necklace set that shows off the best of the color and light in the stones.

Faceted Peridot stones are combined with beautiful Sterling Silver accents to show of Peridot’s pale green color. At the same time, the combination of different sized stones in the necklace help elevate the design.

This set is perfect for daily wear, together or separately. It’s also nice enough for more formal occasions, or to wear to the office.

The earrings are also light enough to make this a perfect gift for someone with newly pierced ears.

In addition to being August's birthstone, and fantastic birthday gift, Peridot is also a perfect stone to give to anyone who loves the color green.

Don’t want to get the whole set? I also sell my Sparkling Peridot Earrings and Petite Peridot Necklace as individual pieces.

Looking for more ways to make your Peridot jewelry gift special? Why not tell the recipient that Peridot was called the stone of the sun in Ancient Egypt, or that it’s a stone that symbolizes compassion, and is thought to encourage creativity.