New Products From Earth Song Jewelry

Earth Song Jewelry New Product Collections For Summer
Published: July 31, 2023, Updated: January 22, 2024


Hello everyone! This is going to be a shorter post because I have been hard at work in my Colorado workshop creating new jewelry for you to wear and enjoy!

Recently I’ve been able to source a couple of new stones for my jewelry, so I’m excited to announce that you’ll be seeing some new stones included in my collections, and getting collections of their own!

Since these new collections were designed to make it easier to find the exact kind of jewelry you’re looking for, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to each of them!

New Handmade Natural Stone Jewelry Collections!

I have also launched a new Coordinated Sets collection to make it easier than ever to find coordinated natural stone jewelry to add to your wardrobe.

At the same time, I have several new handmade earring collections. As always, I’m focused on creating beautiful and practical natural stone jewelry you can wear every day, on nights out, and even to your most important special occasions.

To help you find what you need, I've created a new Artisan Designs Spotlight page for you to easily browse my Designs. You'll see an image for each Design and you can visit that Design Collection page to browse the natural stone pieces.   

These new collections include my subtle Petites (with matching necklaces!), slightly larger Doubles earrings, and the more daring Stacked earrings (one of my favorites!).

In addition, I have a new collection for Solitaire necklaces, and have refreshed and added to my Pendulums collection. If you’re looking for something a little bolder in your natural stone jewelry, I highly recommend taking a look at the Pendulums Collection.

Last but far from least, I am happy to announce a brand-new Malachite Collection! Malachite is one of my favorite natural stones, and it’s remarkable coloring makes it the perfect choice for natural stone jewelry.

Whew! That was a lot! At least, it felt like a lot to me. I’ll be back soon with more stone spotlights, jewelry buying guides, and how-to's for your reading enjoyment. In the meantime, I hope you’re as excited about these new product offerings as I am!