5 Of The Best Stones For Your Metaphysical Practice

Earth Song Jewelry 5 best stones for metaphysical practices

When it comes to choosing the stones you want to use in your daily life and metaphysical practice, there are a lot of things to consider.

One of the most important things to consider is the meaning and symbolism of the stones you’re including in your practice. Since many gems and crystals have more than one symbolic meaning, choosing the right stones is more than just looking at the most common meaning.

Of course, it’s also important to consider how you personally connect with the stones you’re using. It’s even more important to consider your personal connection with metaphysical stones that you are wearing.

That’s why I wanted to put together this quick guide to some of the most powerful and transformative stones you can wear in natural stone jewelry. You might even want to get several different stones to have the right benefits and attributes for different situations.

That said, these 5 stones are just a small subset of the hundreds of different types of stones you can use in metaphysical practice. It’s possible that nothing on this list is quite right for you.

What does that mean?

Well, for one thing it means that I will be creating more articles to address the different stones I use to make my handmade natural stone jewelry. That way you can get a better sense of the uses and benefits of each.

That said, when it comes to the metaphysical use of stones, it’s generally best to trust your instincts and look for the natural connections you already have. Maybe your birthstone happens to be Garnet, or someone close to you gifted you an Onyx bracelet. Those chance associations can be a powerful part of your practice if you let them.

As you’re reading this article, consider how you feel about each of the stones described below, whether you feel a strong connection with them, and how and why you would consider using them in your daily life.

5 Versatile Stones For Your Metaphysical Practice


Associations with the right stones can help positively trigger your mind to hold the traits you need. For instance, if you look at an Onyx Pendant and remember that Onyx is a stone of courage and strength, it might help you feel stronger and braver while you’re recovering.

Jasper - Compassion, Tranquility

Jasper is an incredibly versatile and variable stone, not only in colors and presentation, but also in effect. There are many different kinds of Jasper, and each of them has slightly different symbolism and interpretation.

Here at Earth Song Jewelry, I’m particularly drawn to Rainforest Jasper, also known as Rhyolite. But I also use other types of Jasper in my jewelry, so you have plenty to choose from.

Multi-colored varieties of Jasper are thought to be particularly effective for encouraging Compassion and Understanding in the wearer, and sometimes even people around them.

Black and White Jasper, both in combination and in the rare stones that are all Black or all White, are thought to be better for encouraging Tranquility, Logic, and Calm.

All Jasper is good for metaphysical practice, in part by helping resist negativity and making it easier to take care of yourself during the process.

When it comes to your metaphysical practice, Jasper can also be used as a stone for helping to process and deal with negative feelings, memories, and emotions.

Larvikite - Protection, Grounding, Intuition

Larvikite, otherwise known as Black Moonstone, is an incredible stone to add to your metaphysical practice. For one thing, Larvikite literally looks magical, which can help you tap into your own personal power when you’re using it.

Like many Black or Black-ish stones, Larvikite is a protective stone that helps cancel out any negativity and fear.

It’s also a good grounding stone that can be used to open a ceremony or ritual. It’s good for helping you stay grounded and focused, which can be especially important if your working is geared toward personal growth.

I like to say that Larvikite is a good stone for sparking your intuition and imagination thanks to its resemblance to the night sky. But it’s also symbolically and metaphysically a powerful stone for sparking your intuition.

If you’re struggling to find answers, or find a path forward on your personal journey, wearing Larvikite jewelry might help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Garnet - Relationships, Courage, Creativity

Garnets are some of the more powerful stones you can work with in your metaphysical practice. They are also one of the most versatile stones out there, depending on the color of the Garnet and your own intent.

There are dozens of different things you can use Garnets for, but some of the most powerful options are for relationships, growing closer to the people you care about, inspiring courage in yourself and then people around you, and helping you express your creativity.

Garnets can also be a useful stone to have on hand when you might be dealing with more conflict in your relationships than normal. Not only can it help you keep those relationships strong even while dealing with conflict, it can also help you find creative solutions for the issues at hand.

Doesn’t it sound nice to have a little extra help the next time you’re dealing with an argument or disagreement?

Onyx - Grounding, Courage, Strength

Like many black stones, Onyx is often used to help with grounding, but that is far from the only thing it can do. Almost all black stones can also help absorb or deflect negativity. Plus, they can be powerful focuses for helping your intuition find the answers you’re looking for.

But that’s just the beginning of what Onyx stones can do.

As a focus, or worn as natural stone jewelry, Onyx can also help invoke strength and courage. Even in situations where you might struggle to be strong on your own.

If you’re faced with a hard decision, aren’t sure how to move forward, or are worried about taking a risk that might pay off, or go horribly wrong, Onyx can help you find a path forward.

Not to mention that it can help you find the strength and courage to be more yourself in your everyday life. To speak up for what you want and need.

Snowflake Obsidian - Internal Intuition, Overcoming Trauma, Fulfillment

Last but not least, Snowflake Obsidian, another black stone, can be a wonderful tool in helping find your fulfillment.

Often when we’re looking to improve we look outside ourselves first, when it’s inside that needs help.

All Obsidian, it comes in many colors, can be helpful for improving what’s inside us. The neglected needs, trauma, and lack of fulfillment in our lives.

Of course no stone is going to do the hard work for you. But Snowflake Obsidian can help you find answers, see a path forward, and recognize what in you needs help.


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