The Summer Collection

Summer is here! I've created my Summer Collection using a range of colors to give you a POP of fresh color for your outfits.

Throw on a pair of stunning purple Amethyst earrings and bring the mountains with you to work!
Going out for the night? Add a touch of elegance with pastel green Peruvian Amazonite Earrings.
Wear shimmering blue Kyanite Earrings to bring then open skies with you.
Explore the colors of Summer!

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Earth-Song-Jewelry Kyanite Sterling Silver Earrings Necklace Set.jpg

Blue Kyanite Solitaires ~ Necklace & Earrings Set

$70.98 $67.43
Description Kyanite will dance and shimmer from your ears and neck! It's truly a unique and beautiful stone to add a touch of class to any outfit. Blue Kyanite has...
Earth Song Jewelry Peridot Necklace Earrings Set Sterling Silver.jpg

Petite Peridot ~ Necklace & Earrings Set

$72.98 $69.33
Description Beautifully faceted Peridot stones twinkle and sparkle on these bright green earrings and necklace! Wear them to all the holiday and new year's parties - or gift them to...
Earth_Song_Jewelry Aquamarine earrings necklace sterling silver set

Aquamarine Solitaires ~ Necklace & Earrings Set

$61.18 $58.12
Description A foggy blue Aquamarine stone hangs suspended on this Sterling Silver necklace. Aquamarine makes a beautifully soothing necklace with its varying blue hues ~ like a foggy morning sky...
Earth Song Jewelry ~ Pink Tourmaline Natural Stone ~ Sterling Silver Handmade Necklace & Earring Set

Sparkling Pink Tourmaline ~ Necklace & Earrings Set

$73.58 $69.90
Description Varying shades of Pink Tourmaline twinkle & sparkle on this delicately feminine Sterling Silver necklace and earrings. Pink is one of the more rare colors of Tourmaline. Tourmaline is...
Earth Song Jewelry Double Malachite sterling silver earrings

Double Malachite

Description The deep green colors and stripes of Malachite are stunning! With this stack of two, you can add a perfect pop of color to your outfit! The green stones...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.


Is Your Summer Jewelry Collection Suitable To Wear Outside?

Yes. One of the reasons I chose the pop of color theme for this summer collection was to make sure the jewelry is suitable to wear outside while you’re in your garden, out on a picnic, or anywhere else you want to go this summer.

Of course natural stone jewelry should not be worn in the swimming pool, but neither should any other jewelry!

Does Your Handmade Jewelry Hold Up To Activity?

Yes. All of my natural stone jewelry is designed to be durable enough for moderate activity. The smaller designs I’ve included in my Summer jewelry collection are perfect for people who are active and like being outside and in nature during the summer.

Of course, like all handmade jewelry there are limits to what you should do while wearing it. You don’t want to wear jewelry during any activity where the stones could be hit by a hard object like a football or basketball.

What Inspired Your Summer Handmade Jewelry Collection?

My Summer natural stone jewelry collection is inspired by summer activities. As a nature-inspired jewelry artisan I always encourage people to get more time outside and in nature, so I specifically chose jewelry that is suitable for that kind of activity.

Some of the jewelry was also chosen because of the flower motifs that come with the natural stones, as a way of bringing a little bit of summer with you wherever you go.

Is Your Summer Handmade Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

Absolutely, all of my natural stone jewelry is made with hypoallergenic materials to help make it as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to wear it. All of my jewelry is also made with nickel-free materials.

Is Your Summer Artisan Jewelry Made In The United States?

Always. I am proud of being a natural stone jewelry artisan right here in the United States, and I love that I am able to make all of my jewelry myself.

Everything is created in my Colorado workshop, where I can use the beautiful views of the mountains and of the lovely landscapes in our high altitude desert to help inspire new jewelry designs.