Hoop Curves

My Hoop Curves Collection adds a twist to the classic Hoop earring. The open Hoop is more artistic than the classic closed hoop.
And adding a natural stone to dangle from these earrings bring the Hoops to life!

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Earth Song Jewelry - Black Moonstone Labradorite Hoop Curves Sterling Silver Earrings

Iridescent Larvikite Hoop Curves

Description Iridescent Larvikite sways from a hand formed open hoop curved from 925 Sterling Silver. These stones have a stunning glow to them - with shimmers of blue and silver...
Earth Song Jewelry - Azurite Hoop Argentium Sterling Silver Earrings Handmade

Earth Hoop Curves

Description The rich blue and green patterns of Azurite resemble a mini-Earth! A single Azurite stone sways from a hand formed open hoop curved from Argentium® Sterling Silver. Ear wire...
Earth Song Jewelry - Pink Peruvian Opal Hoop Argentium Sterling Silver Earrings

Peruvian Opal Hoop Curves

Description Pearly opalescent Pink Peruvian Opals hang from these earrings. The blushing pink is mixed with streaks of white, black and patches of iridescence that catch the sunlight. A single...
Earth Song Jewelry - Denim Lapis Hoop Curves Sterling Silver Handmade Earrings

Denim Lapis Hoop Curves

Description Wear a pair of these unique Denim Lapis Hoop Curves anytime - for your day in jeans or night out in a cocktail dress! The blue colors of this...
Earth Song Jewelry - Rhodochrosite Hoop Curve Sterling Silver Earrings

Rhodochrosite Hoop Curves

Description A rare beauty, each uniquely marbled Rhodochrosite stone is a dance of various shades of pink - from very light to deep raspberry. Representing passion, these earrings come to...
Earth Song Jewelry handmade Mahogany Obsidian Hoop Curves Copper earrings.

Mahogany Obsidian Hoop Curves

Description You'll love the natural tones of these earthy Mahogany Obsidian Earrings. Each stone has its own pattern of reddish-brown mahogany with black speckles, making it the perfect boho earring....
Earth Song Jewelry handmade Stacked Tigereye Hoop Curves Copper earrings.

Tiger Eye Hoop Curves

Description The glow and movement of these Tiger Eye stones will mesmerize you! A stack of two hangs from softly hammered copper formed into an open hoop-shaped curve. Ear wire...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.


Can I consider the handmade Curve hoop earrings as perfect gifts for birthdays or anniversaries?

Certainly! The unique shape of the minimalist hoop earrings and the colors of the natural stones will reflect your aesthetic sense when choosing the open hoop earrings as gifts for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or others. The open hoop design looks more attractive than the classic closed hoop accompanied by the natural stones dangling from the hoops. The length of the Handmade hoop curves ranges between 1.5 to 2 inches, depending on the number of natural stones hanging from the curve. The minimalist style and size of the geometric hoop earrings match every type of attire.

Do you use birthstones while creating the hoop earrings?

Yes, most of the shining and colorful natural stones, dangling from the open curves are birthstones. For example, I use Opal and Denim Lapis which are the birthstones for the October and December months respectively. Have a look at my collection Earth Song Jewelry Hoop Curves, of hoop curves earrings to obtain an idea about the shape, colors, and stones used in these handmade artisans.

Can I find any mystic power associated with the natural stones used in the statement hoop earrings?

You can find metaphysical properties associated with the natural stones I use to create my modern hoop earrings, facilitating good luck. I use natural stones like Larvikites, Azurites, Pink Peruvian Opals, Denim Lapis, and so forth to bring life to the open curve hoops that resonate with mystic powers. For instance, Larvikite is believed to protect your aura by enhancing consciousness, Azurite is said to elevate one’s wisdom, the mind can be pacified by Peruvian Opals, and Denim Lapis is considered to strengthen friendship. Choose the appropriate birthstones as per your choice to summon muck and achieve success in life.

Are the open hoop earrings handmade in the USA?

Of course! All my handmade natural stone artisans are made here in Colorado, USA. I feel inspired by the colors and eternal beauty of nature which I eventually try to reflect in my jewelry. I take great care while choosing the materials to weave my handmade jewelry and all my natural stones are ethically sourced directly from nature.

Can I wear the Silver hoop curves if I have skin-irritability to handmade jewelry?

Undoubtedyl! You can wear the handmade hoop curve earrings irrespective of your skin type without worrying about allergic reactions. I always make sure to use the nickel-free and hypoallergenic materials like 925 sterling silver and natural stones to suit all types of skin. My blog Earth Song Jewelry Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free Jewelry, will provide you with essential information regarding the skin-safe materials I use to create my handmade natural stone jewelry.

Is there any regulation to take proper care of these natural stone artisans?

The natural stone artisans can be worn regularly without washing if stored and handled with care. You can wash the Unique hoop earrings once in 6 months with a clean cloth and plain soapy water. Don’t spray perfumes or hairsprays directly on the handmade natural stone jewelry to avoid direct exposure to harsh chemicals. Tranish-resistance materials like Argentium sterling silver are used to shape the open hoops that delay the normal tarnishing process. You can visit the blog Cleaning & Care of Your Handmade Artisan Jewelry, I wrote, to gain more insight into the cleaning and care regulations.

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