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Looking for the perfect gift under $35? How about for this year's Secret Santa or gifts for your family?
You'll find unique handmade artisan jewelry, bookmarks, keychains and accessories they will love!
Everything is handmade by me in the mountains of Colorado. Even better, my work is eco-friendly, and your order is carbon-neutral.
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Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Seven Chakra Stone Sterling Silver Bracelet view from above
55.566.577.5 (women's average)88.5 (men's average)99.5

Seven Chakra Stone Sterling Silver Bracelet

Description With a stone for each Chakra, you can wear this stunning Rainbow Chakra bracelet all day, every day and keep your Chakra balanced. All of my stones are 100%...
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Seven Chakra Stone Sterling Silver Anklet for Women or Men

Seven Chakra Stone Sterling Silver Bar Anklet

Description With a stone for each Chakra, you can wear this stunning Rainbow Chakra anklet all day, every day and keep your Chakra balanced. All of my stones are 100%...
Earth Song Jewelry ~  Blue Dumortierite and lotus posts earrings hanging from a pair of dazzling silver lotus with titanium posts.

Denim Blue Lotus Posts

Description Wear a pair of these unique blue Dumortierite and lotus posts earrings. Hanging from a pair of dazzling silver lotus with titanium posts, these earrings are the perfect accessory...
Earth Song Jewelry Sparkling Emerald Sterling Silver earrings

Emerald Sparkles

Description Beautifully faceted raw emeralds twinkle and sparkle. Accented with petite 925 Sterling Silver beads, these fresh green earrings remind you of summer grasses grown wild. Emeralds are May's birthstone,...
Earth Song Jewelry handmade prasiolite green amethyst sterling silver pendant necklace

Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) Pendant Necklace

Description Sparkling with reflections, this faceted Prasiolite (aka Green Amethyst) necklace will add a feminine look to every outfit. These petite natural stones are wrapped with Sterling Silver. Length of...
Earth Song Jewelry Stacked Lapis Lazuli Sterling Silver Earrings

Stacked Lapis Lazuli

Description Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone straight out of the Arabian Nights Tales - it's deep blue with inclusions that twinkle like the stars! Stacked with Sterling Silver saucers, you...
Earth Song Jewelry Amethyst Pendulum Earrings ~ Eco-Friendly handmade in Colorado, USA

Amethyst Stacked Pendulums

Description Strikingly banded Amethyst stones are stacked from large to small - accented with a tiny Sterling Silver disc hanging from the bottom of the pendulum. The purple of Amethyst...
Earth Song Jewelry - Hammered Sterling silver modern square earrings with rhodochrosite - colorado's state mineral

Hammered Squares With Rhodochrosite Dangles

Description A rare beauty, each uniquely marbled Rhodochrosite stone is a dance of various shades of pink - from very light to deep raspberry. Representing passion, these earrings come to...
Earth Song Jewelry ~ Handmade Tigereye Stone With Copper On Greek Leather Mens Bracelet
66.577.5 (women's average size)88.5 (men's average size)99.5

Tiger Eye Stone With Copper On Greek Leather

Description Stunning Tiger Eye stones on a hand-formed copper bar make this genuine Greek Leather bracelet a standout. The moving glow from the Tigereye stones will mesmerize you! Genuine Greek...
Earth Song Jewelry - Sterling Silver Jasper Stones with Spiral Earrings

Spirals & Jasper

Description These earrings are handcrafted from one continuous piece of sterling silver wire. The bottoms are coiled into an informal spiral and then topped with multi-colored Ocean Jasper stones. The...
Earth Song Jewelry Modern Hammered Sterling Silver Amethyst Square Earrings

Hammered Squares With Amethyst Dangles

Description Beautiful, sought after, medium-dark colored amethysts hang from these unique square earrings. I hand formed the Argentium® Sterling Silver wire into squares, then hammered them flat with a subtle...
Earth Song Jewelry Double Malachite sterling silver earrings

Double Malachite

Description The deep green colors and stripes of Malachite are stunning! With this stack of two, you can add a perfect pop of color to your outfit! The green stones...
Taken Morse code bracelet in Snowflake Obsidian and Howlite natural stone for men, women and couples from Earth Song Jewelry

Taken Morse Code Bracelet In Snowflake Obsidian

Description This Morse code bracelet is perfect for both you and your partner! Made with subtle Snowflake Obsidian and Howlite, this will be your everyday - and all-day - bracelet....
Strength Morse code bracelet Tiger Eye Onyx natural stone for men, women and couples from Earth Song Jewelry

Strength Morse Code Bracelet In Tiger Eye & Onyx

Description Feel your inner strength with this stunning Morse code bracelet. Made with glowing Tiger Eye and sleek black Onyx, this will be your every day - and all-day -...
Snowflake Obsidian Sterling Silver Earrings - Earth Song Jewelry

Snowflakes On Black

Description Wear snowflakes year-round! Snowflake Obsidian stones are a dark glossy black, with random "snowflakes" of white & grey. I hand-formed the teardrop-shaped hoops for an elegant look that is...
Earth Song Jewelry handmade sterling silver Aquamarine Pendulum Earrings

Aquamarine Pendulums

Description Aquamarine makes a beautifully soothing earring with its varying blue hues, like a foggy morning sky in the mountains. Delicately accented with tiny Sterling Silver discs dangling from the...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.


Are your handmade jewelry accessories gifts under $35 adjustable in size?

Forget size worries when you're gifting! All my handmade artisan jewelry gifts adjust to fit any individual effortlessly. No more guessing or stressing - gift with confidence knowing your loved one can enjoy the perfect fit with a simple, adjustable design. To be sure which size to choose, you can check out my handy bracelet size guide How to Measure Your Wrist. Choose the perfect necklace size with the help of my article How To Find The Perfect Length For Women's Handmade Necklaces. With these size charts handy, you can rest assured my handmade accessory gifts will flatter everyone!

Can you recommend the best handmade jewelry gifts for friends that carry a personal and distinctive meaning?

You can choose natural stones that represent your friendship's essence or my authentic birthstone jewelry that evokes special meanings. For instance, my seven chakra stone bracelets are perfect for a connection steeped in strength and unwavering support. Or gift a malachite necklace that stands for courage and resilience, or a lapis lazuli or amethyst earrings representing the trust you have. My strength morse code, tiger eye, or onyx bracelets are symbols of grounding energies. I have an extensive collection of natural stone handmade jewelry gifts under $35 that you can gift to celebrate the beauty of your strong bond.

Is your handmade artisan jewelry safe to gift to friends if my friend has sensitive skin?

I choose only hypoallergenic crystals, natural stones, and nickel-free materials to craft all my handmade artisan jewelry with the utmost care, in an ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable way, keeping in mind my artisan pieces can shine even on sensitive skins and banish the worry of allergies or rashes. So you can give my handmade jewelry gifts to your friends with confidence, knowing my jewelry will forever celebrate your special bond.

Are there any special care instructions for your handmade jewelry gifts?

I find my calling in weaving my artisan jewelry myself in my natural home studio in the USA, using the authentic, earthy gemstones and crystals of my natural surroundings of Colorado. My handmade jewelry is built to shine through thick and thin. No need for any fancy maintenance for my artisan pieces, just keep them safe from poolside splashes and harsh chemicals. For a care guide, you can check out my article Cleaning And Care Of Your Handmade Artisan Jewelry.