How To Measure Your Wrist For A Perfectly Fitting Bracelet

Measuring your wrist for a perfect fitting handmade bracelet

Using a piece of string (or fabric measuring tape), measure your wrist just above the wrist bone (towards your elbow, not your hand). This is the circumference of your wrist. Depending on the type of fit you would like, add the following to your measured wrist circumference to get a final bracelet size:

  • Snug fit (won't move much): add 1/4" to 1/2"
  • "Comfort" fit (will move, but stay above your hand): add 3/4" to 1"
  • Loose fit (will drape down on your hand a bit): add 1-1/4"

Pick the size closest to this final calculation for the type of fit you desire.

For example, if I measured my wrist as 5.75" and would like a snug fit, I would pick a size 6" as my bracelet size. If I wanted my bracelet to move a bit (comfort fit), I'd pick a size 6.5". If I wanted a loose fit that would hang down a bit on the top of my hand, I'd pick size 7". For a cuff, I would round up to the nearest size and order a size 6".

Do you want A snug or loose fit?

That will depend on your personal style and the type of bracelet.

  • For a delicate bracelet on a chain, I suggest picking a snug fit.
  • For a cuff, use your measurement size to order, or at the most go up to the snug fit. I make cuffs to the size you order, so it's best not to add extra to the size of a cuff when ordering.
  • For bangles, you need to balance the size of your wrist with the size needed for the bangle to slide over your closed hand. Bangles tend to be ordered as a loose fit because of this difference in size.
  • Most clasp bracelets (such as the Tigereye Stone With Copper On Greek Leather Bracelet) are usually worn as a comfort fit.
  • When choosing bracelets with larger stones (such as the Personalized Aromatherapy Chakra Bracelet) it's typical to choose a loose fit so you don’t feel like you are strangling your wrist - and so it looks good!

General guidelines for standard bracelet sizing


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