Gem And Mineral Show News

Gem And Mineral Show News

This last weekend I had an opportunity to go to a wholesalers gem and mineral supplies show here in Denver, Colorado.

Normally I wouldn’t talk too much about my travels and events, but this is specifically work-related. Why? Because I have a lot of new stock to share with you now.

Going to the wholesale show has a lot of advantages. While I always work hard to keep the quality of the natural stones I use in my handmade jewelry as high as possible, but the nature of the market is that I often have to buy stones sight unseen. I know a lot about the quality, grade, and what I should expect from the stones, but I don’t have the opportunity to see the exact stones and crystals I’m buying.

That means that quite a few of those stones end up not getting used in my jewelry. It’s important to me to use only the best stones and the ones that really look their best in my designs. So when I get a strand of stones with some lackluster crystals or stones that don’t have the patterns and banding I’m looking for, those stones just don’t get used.

But when I can attend a wholesale show and see the stones in person, I can hand-select the best strands with the exact kinds of patterns I love and use most often in my jewelry.

Beautiful Natural Stones Coming To Earth Song Jewelry

What does that mean for you?

Well, for one thing, it means higher quality and even more beautiful natural stone jewelry. Since I have been able to select some of the highest quality and best examples of the stones I use, I’m excited to be able to show you some of the stones that will be used in future jewelry.

It also means that I have an opportunity to play and experiment with stones that I haven’t used before. Because buying in person means that I can verify the quality of those stones for myself, it’s less of a risk to try them.

That means that the incredible Selenite crystals that I was able to get this weekend might be showing up in Earth Song Jewelry products either here on or in my in-person retail spaces here in Colorado.

I was also able to pick up some fresh Rhodochrosite, with the natural stone banding and swirls I love in my stones, but complemented with sections of high luster and semi-transparent gem quality Rhodochrosite mixed in.

I also picked up a few surprises that might show up a little later on. Can’t give everything away, right?

There is one other thing I want to address before I go. One of the opportunities that comes with going to a wholesale show is that you have an opportunity to talk directly with the suppliers, the people who know what the markets are doing and what stones and gems are available.

Things were busy, but some of our conversations did highlight that some of the stones and specifically the sizes and shapes that I use, might not be as widely available in the future. At least, in the near future.

One of the things it’s easy to forget about natural stone jewelry, and even fine jewelry, is that it can take years for a stone to go from the mine or deposit it originated in to the artisans and craftspeople who use it. That means that it can take years for jewelry artisans to get access to the stones from new deposits.

Ultimately this means that what I have in stock and available might be changing over the next few years. That’s always true, but right now especially. But that also means that I might be taking this opportunity and the changes in the market as a chance to introduce new stones and crystals to my handmade jewelry.

Basically, you might see some designs leave, but new ones, and new stones, may replace the ones that go.

If You Can Visit A Gem And Mineral Show - You Should!

One of the advantages of living in Colorado is that I have the opportunity to do this kind of thing and there’s not one, but many, gem and mineral shows that visit this state each year. While the one I went to was geared toward craftspeople and retailers, there are plenty that are open to the public as well.

If you, like me, are drawn to natural stone jewelry because of the beauty of Mother Nature’s creation and because you love the stones and mineral diversity of Earth, you don’t want to miss out on these shows.

Some of the most incredible gem, mineral, and crystal specimens in the world are on display at these shows. There’s a ton to look at, even if you aren’t there to buy. Plus, these shows are a great way to learn about the new crystals being discovered every year, and the differences between some of your favorite gems and minerals.

Not to mention, the shows are a great way to meet other people who love natural stone jewelry, and get inspired for new ways to wear and show off your jewelry collection.

And, if you’re ever looking to make that collection a little bigger, Earth Song Jewelry is happy to help!