Meaningful Mother's Day Jewelry: The Symbolism Behind The Collection

Earth Song Jewelry Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts

One of the joys of being a handmade jewelry artisan is the opportunity to learn more about the symbolism and significance behind the stones I use and the jewelry I create.

There are hundreds of reasons to wear jewelry. But I’ve found that most people’s favorite jewelry pieces have a story behind them. A reason that they love that piece in particular, whether it’s because of the person who gave it to them, the symbolism in the stones, or some other special connection.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the meanings in my jewelry collections, and how to curate jewelry based not just on appearance, but also on what that jewelry might mean to the people wearing it.

Making meaningful jewelry isn’t just about the meaning I find in each collection. It’s also about the meaning YOU find in each piece. Giving meaning to your jewelry gifts, especially for holidays like Mother’s Day, can help make that jewelry more special to the recipient.

So, I thought it might be helpful to take some time talking about the meaning of my Mother’s Day Jewelry, and how you could make some of this handmade natural stone jewelry more meaningful for any of the moms in your life.

Mother’s Day Jewelry Meanings

All Mother’s Day jewelry is at least a little meaningful. After all, these presents are meant to celebrate the effort and love mothers shower on their children. It’s a great way to show appreciation for your mother, stepmother, or even your partner that just became a mom.

These days, if you have a friend who needs a little extra love on Mother’s Day, because their partner is abroad, or because they’re a single parent, you might even want to get them a Mother’s Day gift too!

But I’ve chosen stones and created a few different designs that have extra meaning this Mother’s Day.

The Mother’s Day Meaning Of Pink

You might have noticed that a lot of the jewelry in my Mother’s Day Collection includes pink stones. There’s a good reason for that. Pink, more than any other color today, is a symbol of love, and a celebration of femininity. Moms work hard, and their work is one of the truest signs of love and affection in the world. They pour everything they have into helping their kids grow up happy, healthy, and prepared for the wider world.

Why not give a little of that love back, with some pink natural stone jewelry this year? Rose Quartz in particular is a stone that symbolizes love and affection, but my Rhodochrosite and Pink Tanzanite jewelry might be a better fit for your mom’s taste.

Tanzanite shows off some of the brightest pink hues possible in a natural stone, while Rhodochrosite’s stripes and variations are a fantastic celebration of the beauty in nature.

Morse Code Jewelry For Mother’s Day

I also make Morse code jewelry, where two different colors of stones or Swarovski crystals are combined to spell a secret message in Morse code.

I already have designs for spelling MOTHER or GRANDMA in Morse code necklaces, but there are plenty of other options.

If you have a specific idea of a word or phrase that would add special meaning between your mom or grandmother and you, you can always commission custom Morse code jewelry with that secret message.

Just make sure to order ahead of time. Since all of my jewelry, including my Morse code jewelry, is handmade and crafted to order, I’ll need time to complete your order before shipping.

But, one advantage of that is that every piece of handmade jewelry from Earth Song Jewelry is also 100% unique.

One more thing. I mentioned earlier that there are some situations where you might want to get a Mother’s Day gift for other mothers in your life, including the ones that aren’t related to you. Well, in those situations you could get a custom necklace, but you could also get a BFF Morse code necklace. Or any other meaningful message that will help the moms in your life feel the love.

Garnets and Roses Earrings

My Garnets and Roses earrings are a slightly different piece included in this Collection, so I thought I’d talk a little about this unique pair of earrings.

Garnets are potent symbols of both love and friendship, making them the perfect gift if your mother is also one of your best friends as an adult. Garnets are also a traditional 2nd Anniversary gift and can be a perfect present coming from a new mother’s partner in celebration of this important holiday.

Lastly, roses are many women’s favorite flowers, a symbol of love that’s endured for centuries, and a powerful symbol of the natural world. A rose is as natural as the love between mother and child, making these earrings a particularly meaningful symbol of those relationships.

Earth Song Jewelry Emerald Sterling Silver Earrings for Mother's Day

Deeper Meanings Of Emeralds For Mother’s Day

Emeralds might not be the first stone you think of for your mother unless her favorite color is green or it’s her Birthstone, but Emeralds have a lot of special meanings that make them a perfect stone for Mother’s Day jewelry.

In Ancient Greece, Emeralds were a symbol of the goddess Aphrodite, later known by the Roman name Venus. Aphrodite’s beauty and role as a goddess of love is well known, but did you know that Aphrodite was also the goddess of hope?

Emeralds, like the goddess they once represented, are symbols of both love and hope, two of the strongest emotions mothers feel for their children.

Rubies are one of the most common stones of love, but there is a difference in the kind of love Rubies and Emeralds are thought to symbolize. Rubies are the symbol of passionate love. Emeralds, on the other hand, are a symbol of mature love, steadfast love. Love that is as much a choice, a dedication, as it is a feeling.

For all those reasons, I’ve included a selection of Emerald jewelry in my Mother’s Day collection.

Hopefully, learning more about the meanings behind my handmade Mother’s Day jewelry gave you some inspiration, either for gifts you can get the moms in your life this yea -and for the special meanings you can tell your mom when you give her this year’s gift.

Earth Song Jewelry Collection Perfect Gifts for Mother's Day


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