The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mother's Day Jewelry Gift

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mother's Day Jewelry Gift

Mothers do a lot of work. Day after day, mothers show up for their kids and work hard to make sure their needs are met. There is so much love, attention, time, and care that goes into being a mother, and a lot of the time that work can be invisible.

That’s what Mother's Day is all about. Honoring the work that goes into motherhood, as well as the dedication and emotions that come with the job, for all the mothers in our lives.

Getting Mom a gift to show your appreciation for all her hard work is one of the ways you can give back, and tell your mom that you see her. You see the work. More importantly, that you love and appreciate all the things she does and has done in your life.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a whole Mother’s Day Collection to help you find handmade jewelry gifts perfect for showing your mom you care.

Shopping for someone other than your mom this year? If your partner is a new mom this year, or you have kids too young to start getting their mom presents quite yet, getting her a gift that shows her *you* care and see the work she’s putting in can really help her feel appreciated.

But, at the same time, you might not want to choose a traditional ‘mom gift’ . That's why I also have a specially curated Gifts for Her collection with stones chosen for their beauty and the symbolic meanings behind them.

Any of the handmade jewelry either my Mother's Day or Gifts for Her collections are perfect for giving your mom, mother-in-law, new mothers, or even Aunts or friends whose motherhood needs some celebration this year!

Without further ado, here are some of the best handmade jewelry gifts you can give for Mother’s Day, and stick around at the end for some tips on how to choose a gift your mom will genuinely love.

Natural Stone Jewelry Mom Is Sure To Love On Mother’s Day

As always, while my product photos are generally representative of the jewelry I create, there will be small differences in the stones and other small details.

Those differences exist because I use natural stones and make every piece myself! No two stones are exactly the same, and small differences in color are common. That said, the overall design, size, shape, and weight of the jewelry is all virtually identical between pieces.

Better yet, this handmade natural stone jewelry is truly unique. Because no two stones are identical, no two pieces of Earth Song Jewelry are truly identical either!

Alright, let’s get to the Mother’s Day jewelry.

MOTHER Morse Code Crystal Necklace

I love the hidden messages built into Morse code jewelry. Using Morse code to spell out specific words can add a lot of meaning to the jewelry, especially when you choose a word that has special meaning for the person you’re giving it to. With Mothers’ Day it makes sense to choose MOTHER as a message, but you can also get custom Morse code jewelry that contains a special message of your choice. I chose pink Swarovski crystals for this necklace, but you can also choose other colors to further customize your Mother’s Day gift.

Giving your mom a necklace in her favorite colors, using the color of her birthstone, or any other meaningful color can be a fantastic way to show you care. This necklace is also suitable for almost any occasion, and lets your mother wear a message from you close to her heart whenever she wants to.

Sparkling Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Pink Tourmaline is one of the rarer natural colors for this stone, but the gradient of pinks you can get from these stones are hard to resist. Tourmaline is known for its beautiful colors, and the intensity of each shade.

These pink Tourmaline earrings are a fantastic gift for mothers who love dangling earrings, the color pink, or who were born in October. Why October? Because Tourmaline is an October birthstone.

Of course, that means that these earrings, and the matching necklace are also a fantastic gift for mothers whose children were born in October, especially as a first Mother’s Day gift or a gift from the child born in October.

Petite Pink Tourmaline Necklace

If your mom isn’t much of an earring person, necklaces can be a great alternative. A necklace can be worn almost anytime, and a lot of people wear necklaces specifically because of the meaning behind them, either a symbol or because of the person who gave that necklace to them.

My Petite Pink Tourmaline necklace is a great option for pink lovers, mothers born in October, or as a matching set with my Sparkling Tourmaline earrings.

Artistic Emerald Hearts Earrings

Pink is a common color for Mother’s Day gifts, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for all Mothers.

Emeralds are one of the top 5 gems, one of the most precious and beloved stones anywhere, and a great way to break from more traditional colors. That makes Emeralds a good choice for moms who don’t like the color pink, who like to be a little off the beaten path, or whose favorite color is green.

Since Emeralds are also May’s birthstone, it’s a fantastic choice for anyone born in May, or who became mothers in May.

My Artistic Emerald Hearts are an alternative to typical hoop earrings, but can be a particularly heartfelt gift for mothers thanks to the shape. Perfect for adult kids celebrating Mother’s Day with their mom, or partners who want to celebrate the work and dedication moms everywhere give their kids.

Petite Emeralds Necklace

Looking for a necklace to go with a set of Artistic Emerald Hearts? My Petite Emeralds Necklace uses the same size Emeralds, making it a perfect match. Give either as a set, or to match the original gift the next year.

This necklace is particularly perfect for mothers who love gardening, Spring time, or natural stones. Because the natural Emeralds I use for these necklaces come in a variety of colors and patterns, they really look and feel almost like a living plant. They’re a fantastic symbol of new life, the cycles of nature, and the wonderful things found in the world around us.

Peruvian Opal Hoops Earrings

If you’re looking for natural stone jewelry that’s a little different or uses a stone you’re less likely to find, my Peruvian Opal Hoops are a fantastic opportunity.

These pale pink or peachy opals come with a range of blushing colors including beautiful black specks that helps these stones stand out from the crowd.

Not to mention that this design is wonderfully unique. An almost complete hoop with an open back makes a strong statement piece, even before you add the dangling stones.

Peach Moonstone Curves

Looking for a different color or a unique design? Typical Moonstones are a range of off-white colors with blue sheen, but these Peach Moonstones have a blend of colors from pink to pale yellow, making them look like beautiful peaches in miniature.

The Curves design is another unique Earth Song Jewelry design, meant to fit comfortably in your ears, but with all the best features of hoop earrings and a standout appearance.

Rose Quartz Stacked Pendulums

Rose Quartz is one of the stones of love, and a fantastic symbol of the love you have for your mother, or for any mother in your life. The pale pink color is as classic as it gets, with the tiniest bit of translucence that makes my Rose Quartz Stacked Pendulums almost glow in the light.

These stacked Pendulums are an impressive inch and a half long, perfect for a night on the town, but subtle enough for everyday wear.

How To Make Sure You Get A Great Gift This Mother’s Day

Here are a few things to think about when you’re looking for a great Mother’s Day gift.

Think About The Meaning Behind The Gift

The best Mother’s Day gifts aren’t just about the gift themselves, but about what they say to your mom, or any mother in your life. Especially if you’re buying for a mom whose received a lot of Mother’s Day gifts over the years, this is the year to choose something that’s extravagant in its message, not just its appearance.

Try To Choose A Gift That Suits Her Taste

A great gift is something that the recipient can use regularly. Whether you’re buying handmade jewelry or a kitchen appliance, think about what your mom loves and will use/wear.

Also keep in mind what she already has. After all, if you buy something your mom already has, or something she doesn’t really need, you’re sending the wrong message.

If you have a chance, before you buy your Mother’s Day gifts this year, take a look around her home, pay attention to her wardrobe, and see if inspiration strikes.

Think About Presentation

Sometimes the best part of a gift isn’t the gift itself, but how you give it. Think about ways you can give the gift that will be special for your mom, whether that means taking her out to her favorite brunch place, giving her a handwritten card with the present inside, or explaining the special meaning behind the present when she unwraps it.

You don’t want to just give your mom a gift. You want to give her a memory she’ll treasure forever.


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