The Art of Personalization: How to Make Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts Truly Special

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Personalizing gifts and figuring out how to make a present special for your loved ones is an art. Not to mention that not everyone is looking for highly personalized gifts.

So, with Mother’s Day coming up, and a wide selection of Mother’s Day jewelry available for you to choose from, let’s take a closer look at at the art of personalization, what makes it difficult, how to tell if your mom (or other loved ones) will appreciate personalized gifts, and more.

Does Every Gift Need To Be Personalized?

No. The truth is that there are plenty of people out there who want boilerplate gifts, and to do their own customization. Or people who would prefer you buy from a specific list they put together for you, or who want practical gifts more than personalized ones.

For Mother’s Day, these are the moms who love getting kitchen appliances, household goods, or something they can use at work over other kinds of gifts.

But, that also gives us a hint about the kinds of moms who will love a personalized gift for Mother’s Day.

Moms who love clothing, handmade jewelry gifts, personalized cards, or getting bouquets featuring their favorite flowers are great candidates for the personalized gift. These are moms who are looking for personal recognition, rather than tools and practical presents.

There is an emotional weight to personalized gifts, especially coming to moms from their children. Adult children in particular have an opportunity to gift personalized gifts to say that they see their mom as a person, rather than just their parent, and see and love all the unique things that make their mom who she is.

So, no, not every gift needs to be personalized, but people who are receptive to personalized gifts are likely to treasure them over almost any other gift.

How Can I Personalize Handmade Jewelry Gifts?

Personalizing gifts of any type can be an art form, but I’m going to focus mostly on handmade jewelry rather than other kinds of gifts. Some of this advice will apply to other kinds of gifts, but it’s going to be most directly applicable to jewelry, especially natural stone jewelry.

There are a few different ways to personalize natural stone jewelry. Here are some examples:

Custom Handmade Jewelry

One option is to get custom jewelry, made specifically for your mom based on her tastes in jewelry or stone colors.

Custom handmade jewelry is doubly special since the custom design is unique. Even if the artist uses the design for future jewelry, or modifies it slightly to make more jewelry in the future, that first commissioned piece will always be singular.

More importantly, getting custom jewelry allows you to choose the metals, stones, and specific colors you want. That means you can get birthstone jewelry, choose jewelry in your mother’s favorite colors, get your mother jewelry based on the birthstones of her children, and more.

Group gifts, where you and your siblings collaborate to come up with a custom jewelry set design, are a particularly great way to show appreciation for your mom with personalized jewelry.

Birthstone Jewelry and Favorite Stone Jewelry

One simple way to personalize a natural stone jewelry gift is to get birthstone jewelry for your mom, your mom and you, or your mom and all of your siblings.

But, especially if your mom isn’t a fan of her birthstone, or her kids’ birthstones, you can also go with a simple alternative - choose jewelry in your mom’s favorite color.

Earth Song Jewelry Mother's Day Gift Sterling Silver Stacked Amethyst Earrings

For instance, if your mom loves purple, she might be a big fan of bright Amethyst jewelry. Or you can shop by color, until you find a stone or a design that really stands out to you.

Hidden Meanings Jewelry

My Morse code jewelry is a great example of hidden meanings jewelry, where the design is beautiful in its own right, but also has a secret meaning for people in the know. There are other ways to make meaning out of jewelry, and to personalize your Mother’s Day jewelry gifts.

Earth Song Jewelry Mother's Day Gift Nest Wrap Post Earrings Jewelry

For example, new mothers or expecting mothers might appreciate a pair of my Nests earrings, for two reasons. For one thing, stud earrings in this style are comfortable, casual, and less likely to become a grabbing risk when the baby sees a shiny pretty thing near Mom’ face.

The nest design can also be a symbol of how mother’s surround their children with love and protection whenever possible, and a great way of honoring that new dedication and emotional connections.

Or you could get a pair of Emerald Artistic Hearts earrings that are, clearly, a symbol of love thanks to the heart shape, but also a symbol of life and the cycles of life thanks to the green color.

Plus, if your mom knows about the history and symbolism behind Emeralds, she may know that Emeralds are a symbol of mature love and trust.

Tips and Tricks to make Personalized Gifts More Effective

One of the keys to the art of personalized gifts is getting the details right. You don’t necessarily need to have a whole elaborate plan for how to give your Mom her Mother’s Day gift, but you should make sure your message is communicated, one way or another.

Maybe you can include a card with your natural stone jewelry present, talking about why you chose the stone you did, and why you thought your mom would like it.

If you choose an explicitly Mother’s Day or love themed gift, you can include a small message saying thank you for all the work that goes into being a mom, and that you want to make this day all about her.

For moms in your life that aren’t your mom, messages can be just as important. If you’re giving a gift to your mother-in-law, for instance, you can say thank you for the care and effort that went into raising your partner, and the ways your mother-in-law still supports you both today.

Other details, like giving a permanent gift and an ephemeral one together, like giving a piece of jewelry and a bouquet of flowers, is a good way to make Mother’s Day special, while also giving your mom something she can keep forever.

You should also think about how your mom would like to receive the gift. Some moms would prefer to get a gift at home, maybe with breakfast in bed, in a more comfortable setting. Others would love to get a gift while out to brunch or dinner, or want a bigger to-do and performance.

Choosing where and how you give you gift can be almost as important as choosing your gift well in the first place.