Love, Friends, Inspiration - Benefits Of January’s Birthstone, Garnet!

Earth Song Jewelry handmade Garnet Birthstone Jewelry

Garnets are some of the most remarkable natural stones to use in jewelry of all kinds. It’s beautiful, durable, works well in a wide variety of styles and cuts, and even comes in a range of unique colors.

That said, especially when it comes to using Garnet in birthstone jewelry, I prefer the classic wine red color.

After all, when most of us think of a beautiful Garnet necklace or earrings, we think of bright red Garnets, not usually the green ones.

In fact, Green Garnets, also known as Tsavorite, are commonly mistaken for Emeralds, and many of the ‘Emeralds’ used in jewelry were really other kinds of crystal. For a long time crystals were recognized more by color than any other property, which is part of why most of us have a classic color associated with each of the gems in our jewelry collection.

Color can also have an impact on the uses of a stone in metaphysical practice. Many stones are categorized in part by the color of the stone, for its properties and what benefits they offer. So, if you’re looking to get some of the benefits of wearing Garnet Jewelry this January, you want to stick to the red ones.

For metaphysical practitioners, birthstones can also have special importance and potency for the people born in that month.

That means that if you happen to have a January birthday, Garnets may be a particularly effective stone for you, especially if you’re looking to benefit from some of the core properties of Garnets, like deepening your relationship with the people who matter in your life, or getting more inspiration for your passions.

When people were choosing birthstones for the different months, they were naturally drawn to the same stones that have been inspiring people for millennia. Even if you don’t believe in the metaphysical properties of a stone, birthstones come with special symbolism to go with the inspiring colors and luster in every stone.

So, here are some of the most important benefits of wearing Garnets and Garnet birthstone jewelry specifically.

Metaphysical Benefits of Garnet Birthstone Jewelry

There are a ton of different benefits in different metaphysical and religious practices when it comes to Garnets and other popular crystals and gems. Even though there can be a lot of differences in different practices and faiths, there are some commonalities that show up again and again.

That’s what I’m going to focus on for this article. There are a few key benefits that show up again and again when it comes to wearing Garnets and working with Garnets.

Increased Intimacy and Trust in Your Relationships

When most people read the word intimacy, they think about romance, and the relationship they share with their partners. But intimacy is also about closeness of other kinds. Trust, compassion, knowing that you can rely on the people around you.

Building communities of trust, compassion, and mutual respect can give you an incredible support system.

Wearing natural stone Garnet jewelry doesn’t just help you build intimacy and trust in relationships, it can also help you figure out who you can trust and bring into your inner circle.

Giving You Confidence and Courage

Often when we think about confidence and courage we think about facing our fears, like speaking in front of a big crowd, or overcoming a fear of flying to take a dream vacation.

Garnet jewelry is thought to help with that kind of thing, but it’s also a great stone for building more everyday kinds of confidence and courage. For instance, the courage to be yourself, the confidence to speak your mind, or to try something new.

Confidence and courage might not seem like everyday qualities, but when you invite them into your everyday life you’ll be amazed by the benefits. Wearing Garnet birthstone jewelry can help make those changes happen, and make embracing your inner strength easier.

More Energy For Your Passions

For most of us, there are some things that we’re passionate about, but can’t really fit into everyday life. Whether you’d love to spend more time reading a great book, painting a gorgeous landscape, looking through a telescope, or perfecting your latest recipe for sourdough bread, wearing Garnets is thought to make it easier to pursue your passion.

If you aren’t sure what your passions are, and many of us aren’t, Garnets are also a stone of inspiration. Wearing them can help you follow your intuition and find the things you’re innately drawn toward in life.

Connection To Your Root Chakra and Heart Chakra

For those of you interested in Chakra jewelry, Garnets have two Chakra connections. These stones are connected to your Root Chakra, which is the connection between you and Mother Nature.

Your Root Chakra is also where your sense of self comes from, your identity. Wearing Root Chakra jewelry, like Garnet Birthstone Jewelry, can help you find yourself, reinvent yourself, or even make it easier to reach your personal goals for self-improvement.

Your Heart Chakra is your connection to your emotions, and to other people. It’s the source of empathy, and can help you find the people and social connections that matter most.

Garnet Birthstone Jewelry Is Beautiful

Of course, aside from the spiritual and metaphysical benefits of wearing handmade Garnet jewelry, there’s also the fact that Garnets are some of the most stunning natural stones you can get. Their rich red hues have been highly prized throughout human history.

Garnets tend to be more of a true red than Rubies, which tend to have pink undertones.

Better yet, the rich red of Garnets look good with almost any skin tone or hair color.

And of course, as always, getting someone you love a gift of birthstone jewelry is a fantastic way to show them how much you care.