How Wearing Chakra Jewelry Can Help Support Your Resolutions

Earth Song Jewelry Wearing Chakra Jewelry For New Years Resolutions

Right around this time of year is when a lot of people start questioning their New Year’s resolutions and whether they can stick with them. It’s been a couple of weeks, and you’ve probably been doing great so far, but looking at the rest of the year from February through December, it’s natural to be a little nervous.

A lot of us take the opportunity of New Year’s to make big commitments to our future selves and the happiness of our future selves.

At the same time, it’s easy to say you’ll do now what your future self isn’t quite ready to commit to. Having some encouragement and support on your side can make a big difference when it comes to making your New Year’s Resolutions a reality.

The good news is that there are a lot of different kinds of support that you can access. One might be family and friends who are making similar resolutions, or who are willing to offer mutual support and assistance even if you have very different goals.

Another support might be having a solid planner or day calendar that can help you keep track of your progress and set small, but meaningful, goals for each day, week, and month of the coming year.

Your inner strength, discipline, and willingness to change are another important support for New Year’s Resolutions.

Yes. We can be a support for ourselves, and have to be. Think about the last time you were really challenged in work or in life. You couldn’t have overcome that challenge without an inner bulwark of support, discipline, and skill, that you built up for yourself and use to overcome adversity now.

But, if you’re looking for even more support, there are plenty of other resources you can tap on to try and make the most of your New Year’s Resolutions, or even to help guide you toward the Resolutions that are most important for you this year, next year, and in all the years yet to come.

One of those supports might be Chakra Jewelry, or even just Natural Stone Jewelry in general, that works as both a symbol and energetic encouragement to support your goals. You can use this kind of jewelry any time of the year, and to help with almost any goal or change you hope to see in yourself.

That’s one of the reasons I list the symbolic meanings and metaphysical uses of the stones in my Natural Stone Jewelry, at the top of each Stone Collection.

With that tool as a guide, you can choose the types of jewelry that are not only beautiful and suit your style and wardrobe, but also jewelry made from stones that support your energetic needs and goals.

Here are some of the best ways you can use Chakra Jewelry to support your New Year’s Resolution:

How Chakra Jewelry Helps Support New Year's Resolutions

There are a lot of potential benefits associated with Chakra jewelry, but the biggest reason to use Chakra jewelry for your New Year’s resolutions is if you’re hoping to make significant long-term changes.

If your New Year’s Resolution is something that you can do quickly, in just a day or a week of commitment, you can still use Chakra Jewelry to help, but it going to work more in the form of offering a little extra energy or motivation.

But having balanced Chakras and having your energy and intention flowing the way it’s supposed to is critical for making lifestyle changes, or accomplishing the long term goals you’ve been working on.

Here’s what you need to know.

Balancing Your Chakra Can Be One Of Your New Year’s Resolutions

One of the things many people forget is that New Year’s resolutions can actually be a fantastic way to reconnect with your spiritual practice, or to start the foundations of a practice that will serve you into the future.

While the belief in Chakra is typically grounded in Hindu and Buddhist belief, it can also be part of a metaphysical practice or something you do without having any particular religious affiliation.

The main idea behind your Chakra is that each Chakra (there are 7) has a set connection both in your body, and spiritually. Many of your Chakra also help you connect in other ways to the world around you, from your Root Chakra helping to maintain your Earth connection, to your Third Eye and Crown Chakra that help with your intuitive and spiritual connection to the world around you and the people in your community.

Ideally, all of your Chakra should be in balance and flowing and working together, but for many of us, one or all of our Chakra may be out of balance, blocked, or doing too much. Having an imbalance can cause a ton of different problems, with many of the most common problems being unique to the Chakra causing an issue.

Wearing natural stone jewelry, meditation, and other practices, even diet, can all be used to help bring your Chakra into balance, helping you live a freer, fuller, and more fulfilling life.

So, even if you’ve never considered thinking about Chakra, or learning how to balance them, or even which ones you might need to bring into balance, wearing Natural Stone Chakra jewelry can be a great place to start.

Seeking Deeper Change Can Start With The Chakra

Many of us struggle with creating meaningful changes in our lives, even when we very much want to make those changes and make them stick.

There are endless reasons why it can be difficult to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, and thinking about all of the reason you can’t do something, or all the reasons doing it has become difficult, can only make it even more challenging.

If you are familiar with Chakra, or have a spiritual practice, there are a lot of things you can do to better support your Chakra to make the kind of changes you want to make.

For instance, if you want to get more in touch with your emotions, wearing jewelry that support your Heart or Solar Plexus Chakra can help. These Chakra can also help you pursue New Year’s resolutions involving relationships, friendships, or family, making it easier to navigate the complications that often creep into our personal lives.

Or maybe you want to get more in touch with your intuition and instincts, and jewelry for your Third Eye Chakra would offer stronger and more effective support.

Remember, there are 7 Chakra, and between them, there is almost always at least one Chakra that pertains to whatever issue is at hand, or whatever change you’re hoping to make.

Supporting Your Root Chakra Can Help You Stay Grounded And Realistic About Your Goals and Progress

If you’ve ever had a New Year’s Resolution that failed not because you gave up or didn’t try hard enough, but because it wasn’t a realistic thing you could accomplish in a year, or didn’t fit into your lifestyle and living situation, you might benefit from re-evaluating your Resolutions.

It’s not that New Year’s Resolutions don’t work, the problem is usually that we’re all dreamers, and we make bigger goals that aren’t practical for our lives or situations.

Your Root Chakra is the base connection between you and the Earth, the rest of life around you, and also to yourself. Having a balanced Root Chakra can make it much easier to be realistic and practical about your goals, how long it will take to achieve them, and the meaningful steps you can take along the way.

Supporting your Root and Sacral Chakra can also help you get more in touch with yourself and what you really want. If you’re someone who struggles to make New Year’s Resolutions, or find yourself making the same one over and over and never following through, your Root and Sacral Chakra can help.

Supporting Your Higher Chakra Can Help You Intuitively Connect And Think Of Creative Solutions

When it comes to any goal there are moments when a little creative problem solving would come in handy. Times when problems need addressing and the solutions aren’t immediately obvious. Or when the solutions you’ve already tried aren’t working, and it’s time to find a different way to move forward.

For many of us, when that happens with a New Year’s Resolution, we end up giving up. Those moments of challenge with no obvious solution can often be when we lose a lot of progress.

Wearing Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra jewelry can all help you be in touch with yourself and your intuition. Having these Chakra in balance can make it a lot easier to problem solve and find creative solutions, even when no easy solutions present themselves.

Connecting To Your Chakra Can Help You Connect With Your Inner Self

One of the biggest barriers that comes with New Year’s Resolutions is that many people choose resolutions not based on what they want or need from their life, but based on social expectations and other pressures.

Take one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, losing weight.

Losing weight can be a legitimate and valuable resolution to make, but many people choose it because they feel outside pressure to be slimmer.

If losing weight is something you genuinely want to do, and are motivated to do, it can be a lot easier to stick to that resolution. If you’re doing it because you feel like your social life would

be easier if you were slimmer, or because of other kinds of peer pressure, it will be harder to self motivate.

No matter which Chakra you’re supporting with natural stone Chakra jewelry, having your Chakra in balance and your energy flowing can make it easier to tell what you really want, and what is coming from an outside influence.

Well, there you have it, 5 ways Chakra Jewelry can help with your New Year’s Resolutions. Even if you decide not to get any Chakra jewelry this year though, I hope that your Resolutions go well, and I wish you luck seeing your New Year’s Resolutions come to fruition.