Why Coordinated Sets Are A Great Way To Buy Jewelry

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Getting jewelry can be challenging, especially when you’re buying for someone else. It’s hard to know what will be appropriate in different settings, or how people will respond to different kinds of jewelry. Even when you’re buying for yourself it can be hard to figure out what kinds of jewelry will work with your existing collection. Even if you get the same stones for different kinds of jewelry, like buying Amethyst or Garnet jewelry and mixing and matching within your collection, the stones themselves might not match as closely as you’d expect.

One of the beautiful things about natural stone jewelry is that every stone is unique, including that they all have different colors, levels of transparency, shine, and more. Not every Emerald will go with every Emerald.

Buying complete sets is one of the best ways to make sure you have matching jewelry where all the stones work together and look great together, even if they are a little different from the other stones in your collection!

That’s part of why it’s a good idea to buy handmade jewelry as well. When I’m making a piece of jewelry for a collection, I carefully select stones that work well together and match each piece. That way I know that the jewelry will look fantastic, whether it’s worn together or separately, and that each stone looks its best in the finished jewelry.

For example, take my Foggy Skies Aquamarine earrings and my Blue Skies Aquamarine Solitaire necklace. These pieces are designed to be worn either separately or together, but I have to carefully match the color of the stones because Aquamarine comes in a range of blues and a range of opacity.

When I make this set, I’m not only thinking about the size and shape of the stones I’m using, but also the color, opacity, and shine. That way I can guarantee that these pieces will look fantastic together.

The same quality control is true with my Lapis Lazuli Pendulums or any of the coordinated jewelry sets I sell.

The Advantage Of Buying Coordinated Sets

One of the biggest advantages of buying coordinated sets is what I’ve already talked about, you get stones and jewelry that are all carefully selected to look good together, but there are some other advantages to buying handmade jewelry in coordinated sets.

It’s Easier To Get Ready With Coordinated Sets

The other big advantage of buying coordinated sets of jewelry is that these sets take the guesswork out of getting ready in the morning.

Instead of trying to figure out what combination of jewelry will work with an outfit, just choose a coordinated set of jewelry in the same or a complementary color scheme to your main outfit. It’s a big time saver, even as it helps you look more professional.

Coordinated Sets Are Excellent Gifts

When people aren’t sure what kind of jewelry to get for a loved one I usually recommend getting coordinated sets, either in a favorite stone, favorite color, or birthstone jewelry.


Because with a coordinated set you don’t need to worry about whether the recipient has matching jewelry in their existing collection. If they already have similar jewelry you’ve just given them more variety, always a good thing. If they don’t have similar items, now they have a new coordinated set that will give them more jewelry options for their whole wardrobe.

Coordinated Sets Made Easy

I've collected pieces of my jewelry that go together so you can easily create a set! Check out my Coordinated Earrings & Necklaces Collection. Put together any of the items with the same stones and I will make you a beautiful coordinated set!


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