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Earrings are some of the easiest jewelry to wear and are suitable for almost any situation or occasion. They help frame your face, bring a little character into any outfit, and are a great way to dress up without investing much effort.

All those things also mean that earrings are a great holiday gift! Giving someone you care about a pair of earrings is a good way to show appreciation for them with something they can use daily without having to work at it.

But, choosing the right pair of earrings for different people is critical if you want your gift to go over well. You need to choose something that your loved one will appreciate, that suits their unique style and flair, and maybe that even has a special meaning for your relationship.

Choosing the right presents can be hard, but I want to make it as easy as possible this Holiday season. So, while I’m posting deals and good opportunities to save a little on handmade artisan jewelry this year, I also thought I’d post some suggestions for the kinds of presents your loved ones are sure to appreciate.

If you’re looking for the perfect earring gift to give someone close to you this year, you’re in the right place. I’ll give you my recommendations, what kind of person I think each option is best for, and I’ve chosen a wide range of earrings to suit just about every lifestyle and fashion sense.

The Best Handmade Earring Gifts For 2022

Of course, all of the earrings I’ve selected have the holiday season in mind, but if you’re looking for something special, you can also contact me about making a custom set.

Just remember that custom jewelry needs to be ordered a little sooner than other jewelry to make sure there’s time to get it made and shipped before the holidays.

Winter And Spring Earrings

Of course, for the Holidays I have to start with a red and green set that’s perfect for wearing at Christmas and throughout the holiday season! My Winter and Spring earrings are made from Emerald and Garnets and bring a little bit of sparkle and color to any outfit.

Not that Christmas has the exclusive right to the colors red and green, not when red and green are so striking together!

This set is perfect for anyone who loves the holiday season, but these stones are also January and May birthstones, so they’re a good gift for people born in those months as well.

Since this is a dangling earring set, they’re good for casual and formal wear, and a little more daring than a pair of stud earrings.

But the best gifts always stand out a little, don’t they?

Sterling Silver Freeform Stars Earrings

If you’re looking for something that still gives a holiday feel, but isn’t quite as specific as the red and green of my Winter and Spring earrings, these Sterling Silver Freeform Stars are a great option.

The looping star shape of these earrings is perfect for a lot of different holidays. These are a little more subtle, a little more curious and great for casual everyday use.

If you’re looking for a gift for a friend, mother, sister, or anyone who isn’t a big fan of stone jewelry, these are a great option.

Ruby Hearts Earrings

Rubies are the stone of love, so naturally, I had to decorate some of my Heart Hoops with beautiful natural Rubies.

These earrings are great for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd, but they’re an especially good present for your partner or anyone you want to show a little extra attention to this year.

Plus, the natural raspberry color of these natural Rubies is a little different from your typical faceted Rubies and will help these natural stone earrings stand out even more. This color is one of the most beautiful shades Rubies come in.

Rhodochrosite Hoops Curves

Hoop earrings are a classic, and they’re a great gift to give someone who loves earrings or who likes making a splash.

But, at the end of the day, most hoop earrings are the same. They’re just a little bigger or smaller, or made from slightly different metals.

If you’re looking for a unique present for someone who loves wearing a classic hoop, these Rhodochrosite Hoop Curves earrings are a great way to shake up the classic style.

These earrings are a great gift for partners, for anyone who lives in or has recently visited Colorado, or who just loves the color pink. The many pink hues of these earrings also make them a good option for your partner, for your daughter, your sister, or yes, even your mom.

Sparkling Tourmaline Earrings

Want something a little more colorful, but that still has some sparkle to it?

Tourmaline comes in a wide range of different colors, and my Sparkling Tourmaline Earrings show that off particularly well, with 4 different colors of the same natural stone in a single earring.

This style is perfect for everyday wear and is a little different from the kinds of earrings you can get everywhere else.

These earrings are casual enough to be a good gift for anyone in your life who wears earrings, but special enough to be a good gift for the people closest to you as well.

Irridescent Larkivite Earrings

Larkivite is sometimes called Black Moonstone, which makes sense when you think about how much these stones can look like someone took a picture of the night sky or a nebula and turned it into a crystal.

These Larkivite earrings are a beautifully fashionable pendulum design that’s formal and fun at the same time. Ready to be work to the most formal banquet, but not so fancy that they’ll look out of place during a night out with friends, this set is some of the most versatile natural stone jewelry I make.

Like a lot of the earrings on this list, these are a great gift for your partner. But, if you’re close to your sister, mom, cousin, or even just a friend, they’re not too nice to give someone else.

Emerald Loops

If you’re looking for a great pair of earrings for someone in your life who loves the color Green, well, there’s not many better stones to give them than natural Emeralds.

My Emerald Loops are another different take on hoop earrings, and they’re perfect for any nature lovers in your life. Plus, since Emeralds are both a traditional Anniversary present and also one of the most popular gems, they’re a great gift for your partner.

Or maybe for your daughter or sister, especially since Emeralds are May’s birthstone. So if you know anyone who was born in May, they might appreciate these earrings even more than most.

The green color is also a good way to feel festive if you’re celebrating any of the holidays that traditionally use green this season.

Red Raspberries Ruby Earrings

There’s something about raspberry Rubies that really draws the eye. I wanted to make a set of earrings that really celebrated that rich pinkish-red hue. These earrings are a fantastic way to celebrate this holiday season, not just because of their color, but also because of how the facets on these beads help the Rubies catch the light and glitter.

Of course, my red raspberry Ruby earrings had to be named for this beautiful shade in particular.

The long line of these earrings also makes them particularly flattering to wear, and well suited to a wide range of face shapes, outfits, and occasions.

Of course, with Rubies being a stone of love, you might want to be careful about who you give these earrings to… unless of course someone you’re close to happens to be born in July! Since Rubies are July’s birthstone, they’re a perfect gift for anyone born in July, romantic partner or not.

Love Sparkles On A Hoop

Love sparkles in your jewelry, or know someone who does? Nothing sparkles quite like a Swarovski crystal… or five!

These Love Sparkles hoops are a great way to show someone close to you how important they are, and the bright red color of the middle bead makes them perfect to give to someone you love.

Swarovski crystals are bright, durable, and good for everyday wear. And the color is wonderful for anyone who loves the color red or as part of a matching Christmas or holiday list this year!


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