Citrine - November’s Marvelous Birthstone!

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Published: October 18, 2022, Updated: December 29, 2023

November babies are lucky to have a birthstone thought to bring good luck and good fortune, which is beautiful and versatile in a wide range of jewelry simultaneously!

I’m talking, of course, about the marvelous Citrine. These stones are prized for their yellow to golden hue, with naturally occurring stones ranging from the palest white-yellow to an amber color.

Naturally occurring yellow Citrine is very rare, requiring a formed Amethyst crystal or geode to be heated after formation, which changes the color of the crystals. Chemically similar, Citrine is something like Amethyst’s golden twin, and both are equally beautiful.

While Amethyst can be heated to produce Citrine after it’s been harvested, I make sure to only use naturally-occurring Citrine in my jewelry. That’s why most of my Citrine birthstone jewelry has a pale hue and the stunning clarity of the finest naturally occurring stones.


Citrine’s History And Lore

While naturally dark yellow Citrine is rare, it’s always been highly prized by the people who managed to find some.

Victorians, in particular, loved Citrine gems, and there are some spectacular examples of how the stone was used in necklaces, brooches, and other ornaments. Even Queen Victoria was a proud owner of Citrine jewelry!

Princess Kate owns a more modern set of Citrine earrings, and they’re a favorite of other modern royalty as well, including Queen Sonja of Norway and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

There are also historical examples of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans using Citrine stones in their natural stone jewelry and ornamentation on wall decorations and statues.

That’s a lot of history behind a rare but beautiful stone!


Citrine Meanings And Associations

Like many semi-precious stones, Citrine also has a lot of historical and spiritual meanings attached to the stone. Sometimes called the “Merchant's Stone”, Citrine is thought to attract wealth and success to wearers, and some stores still use Citrine decorations in hopes of attracting business success.

The stone’s light yellow color has also given it an association with the sun and with sunny emotions like joy and happiness. Thought to help dispel negative feelings and promote well-being, Citrine jewelry is an excellent boost.


Citrine - November’s Beautiful Birthstone And Much More!

Citrine is the stone associated with Scorpio, the astrology sign for late October and most of November, so it makes sense that this stone is also November’s birthstone.

Citrines are also a traditional gift for your 13th anniversary and a welcome present any time of the year!

Not to mention that these are some of the best stones to give to anyone who loves the color yellow! Perfect for year-round wear and excellent enough for even the most formal of occasions, Citrine is a stone for everyone, everywhere.

Looking for Citrine jewelry for someone special or to celebrate a November birthday? I’ve got you covered with my Sparkling Citrine dangling earrings. All my handmade artisan stone jewelry is made 100% by me, right here in Colorado, so you can rest assured knowing you’re always getting the very best quality.