Thinking About Adding Artisan Jewelry To Your Hanukkah Celebrations?

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Happy Hanukkah!

The Festival of Lights is an important time for Jewish families around the world, but holds a special emphasis here in the United States. It’s not uncommon to see blue and white lights going up on houses around the same time as red and green lights decorate the other homes in the neighborhood, and with good reason!

Hanukkah is one of many Winter holidays that make the snowy months special here in the United States, regardless of your religious beliefs and affiliation.

The way Hanukkah is celebrated here is maybe a little different from the norm as well. The blue and white colors of many Hanukkah celebrations, from the candles on your menorah to the lights twinkling on some homes this season, are more American than many people realize.

Why blue and white?

There are a variety of answers - including the religious significance of the colors, the connection to Israel’s blue and white flag and an 1864 poem by Austrian Jewish poet Ludwig August Frankl.

Like many holidays, Hanukkah is celebrated a little differently all over the world, and your family's traditions might be a little different from other people’s Hanukkah traditions. But, isn’t the variety of celebration one of the things that makes holidays, and the holiday season, special?

One of the most common traditions for Hanukkah, is the giving of gifts along with the lighting of the candles on the menorah. Small gifts are most common, things like toys for children, books, clothes, jewelry, and other tokens of appreciation between you and the other celebrants.

Of course, the nature of the gift can vary widely from person to person, but the best gifts are usually the ones that show the special connection you have with your loved ones. Gifts that show you see their uniqueness and personality, or that commemorate something about your relationship.

Or, at the same time, gifts may be related to the holiday itself. Tokens of faith and honoring the beauty in the Festival of Lights.

In the United States, blue and white jewelry has become a particularly popular option for Hanukkah celebrations. It might be a little too late to order jewelry presents this year, if you haven’t already, but here are some ideas to help you with your Hanukkah shopping next year, or maybe to give for a birthday or other occasion this year so the recipient has fresh jewelry to wear during Hanukkah next year!

Handmade Artisan Jewelry Ideas For Hanukkah!

Here are some of the blue and white jewelry I create. Every piece is made from hypoallergenic and nickel-free Sterling Silver, and I make each piece by hand to ensure the highest possible quality.

Remember, when you’re choosing presents for the people close to you, think about what they would appreciate most. What is their taste? What styles do they generally wear? Will they want a full set of jewelry, or are they more likely to appreciate just a set of earrings? The better you match your gift to the person receiving them, the more they will love it!

Denim Blue Lotus Earrings

First up are my Blue Lotus earrings, made with beautiful Dumortierite stones and lotus flowers, these are traditional post earrings. They are easy for anyone to wear.

These earrings are also suitable for a wide number of people, from your mother to your partner or sisters. They are subtle, but just large enough and with just enough color to draw the eye and elevate an outfit.

Plus, the curves on the silver lotus are sure to catch and reflect the glittering lights of this most important season!

Aquamarine Hammered Silver Stick Earrings

My Aquamarine Hammered Silver Stick Earrings are perfect if you’re looking for a unique style that’s subtle, but still a little different than most earrings.

The pale blue of the Aquamarine in these earrings always reminds me of the pale blue sky of a nearly-cloudless morning, bright with sunlight. I love combining that clear blue color with the simple elegance of this design.

These are perfect for anyone with a more understated style, or for anyone who likes subtle reminders of their religion and the season in their wardrobe.

Mystic Blue Tiger Eye Earrings & Necklace

There is something entirely mystical looking about blue Tiger Eye. These stones almost look like they are lit from within, and their bright, icy teal blue is an immediate eye catcher.

I love that these stones need so little extra adornment to stand out. The color and luster of the cat’s eye in each stone makes them so special all on their own.

Consider giving just the Mystic Blue Tiger Eye Earrings for a smaller gift, or add the matching necklace to make it a complete set!

Blue Flashes Labradorite Earrings & Necklace Set

Labradorite is a stone that comes in a range of colors, and, like moonstone or opal, has a fire, or an iridescence that shows up at different angles and in different lights.

These Blue Flashes Labradorite Earrings and Necklace use stones I hand select because they offer a bright flash of blue in certain lights. The electric blue is immediately eye-catching, and the iridescence can almost seem to glitter in flickering candle light, or as you move while wearing them.

Sterling Silver Aquamarine Nest Earrings

These Aquamarine Nest Earrings are a fantastic option if you loved the pale sky blue of my Aquamarine stick earrings, but want a slightly more classic or subtle look.

These post earrings are similar to traditional stud earrings, but with my own unique nature-inspired take added to help keep them unique.

Perfect as a gift for any stud-earring lover in your life, these earrings are suitable for daily wear in almost any setting or lifestyle.

Lapis Lazuli Pendulums Earrings & Necklace Set

If you’re looking for something a little more stunning or know that the person you’re buying for prefers darker more intense shades of blue, Lapis Lazuli might be the stone for you.

This handmade Lapis Pendulum jewelry set is eye-catching, beautiful, and elegant all at the same time. The natural Lapis shows off with deep blue tones mixed with tiny specks of white and gold, the sign of true Lapis Lazuli, and part of why these stones have been beloved for so long.

This set is perfect for formal settings, for a bigger gift for someone special in your life, or for the fashion lover gathering around the Menorah with you.

Chips Of Ice Earrings

Want a gift that combines pale blue and white and clear stones for a celebration not only of Hanukkah, but also the season we celebrate in, my Chips Of Ice earrings might be a fantastic options.

These earrings are inspired by icicles, little pebbles of ice in the snow, and the way ice crystals can catch the light and glitter. Apatite chips are a beautiful winter stone, and really make these earrings stand out without needing any extra adornment or other stones.

Blue Lace Agate Earrings

Lastly, these subtle Blue Lace Agate earrings really show off some of the beautiful stone formations that occur in nature.

Mostly milky white in color, these Agates have blue banding that creates lacey patterns on the surface when they’re cut and polished.

The colors and patterns in these stones are subtle, you have to look closely to really see them. But, they’re also a beautiful reminder that we should treasure even the smallest of miracles, especially this time of year.


Whether you decide to add handmade natural stone jewelry to your Hanukkah celebrations or not, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday full of miracles and light. And if you’re celebrating with a meal, I hope the food is wonderful and that you enjoy your companionship all holiday long.