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The birthstones we associate with certain months now are not necessarily the same ones used centuries ago. But some stones, such as Garnet, have been used in jewelry for thousands of years.

The wearing of your birthstone is thought to bring good luck and protection!


My jewelry journey began decades ago, when I wanted to wear jewelry that conveyed my passion for the artistic spirit of nature and the outdoors- so I learned to craft it myself!

I've honed my skills over the years. Five years ago, I decided to make my jewelry available to all who connect with the natural world... which I do through my website and in shops & galleries.

My love of nature led me to become a Conservation Colorado Green Business Leader Partner. To help protect our land, air and water, I donate 10% of my proceeds to Conservation Colorado.

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June is another rare month that claims more than one birthstone as its own. But Moonstone is the captivating and radiant June birthstone I adore the most.

The arrival of May brings the beautiful season of Spring, a new beginning. The lush green color of Emeralds make it the perfect color for Spring.  
April babies are blessed with two birthstones: the dazzling Diamond and the historical Rock Crystal Quartz.
Memorial Day is almost here! It’s time we honor the fallen and express our gratitude to all the veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the freedom and diversity of our great nation.
You love him, and you hate him – he can be your biggest nemesis when he teases you in front of your crush.Handmade Artisan Bracelets

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift with meaning, you can never go wrong with handmade artisan jewelry. 

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