Gifts For Him

Get him something special this year.
Is it your anniversary? Choose an Infinity Knot bracelet and link yourselves forever
Is it his birthday? Tell him your secret message with a personalized custom Morse code bracelet.
Or just because...He'll love a genuine natural stone Greek leather bracelet or a Sterling Silver or Copper wire-wrapped stone stud earring.

Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly carbon neutral jewelry
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly made with recycled materials
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly with sustainable materials and practices
Earth Song Jewelry Handmade eco-friendly always hypoallergenic and nickel free!

Is Handmade Jewelry A Good Gift For Men?

Handmade jewelry is a great gift so long as it’s well chosen and suits the person you’re giving it to. Some men love getting jewelry as a gift, while others might prefer something else.

The trick is to see if you can find artisan jewelry that the men in your life will appreciate, and to choose a style they are likely to wear.

What Kinds Of Men’s Jewelry Do You Create?

Right now I primarily make bracelets for men, but I also create earrings and necklaces for men when inspiration strikes.

If you have specific men’s jewelry you’d like made, I also accept Custom Jewelry commissions.

Is Your Men’s Jewelry Made In The USA?

Yes, just like all my handmade artisan jewelry, I make all the jewelry in my men’s collection myself. It’s created in my workshop in Colorado, with materials hand-selected for each piece.

How Do You Choose Good Jewelry For Him?

Choosing the best jewelry for the men in your life can sometimes be tricky. Consider getting birthstone jewelry, jewelry with a special meaning that’s especially important to them.

It’s also important to choose a jewelry style you know the recipient will wear. Getting a pair of masculine earrings won’t work if the person you want to give them to doesn’t have pierced ears.

Bracelets are often a safe bet, but you should make sure the person you’re giving them to will wear them. Some people don’t like having things around their wrist.

Is Your Men’s Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

Yes. I try to make sure all of my jewelry is as safe and comfortable as possible, which includes using Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free materials for each creation.

One of the reasons my handmade jewelry is made in the USA is to help make sure I can use hypoallergenic materials.