Morse Code Necklaces

A Morse code necklace makes the perfect gift for someone special! Spell out your message - and what it says will be a secret shared between you.

Sparkling Austrian Swarovski Crystals make beautiful Morse code necklaces for women.
Pick the color for the dots (birthstone color, anniversary color...or favorite color!) to go with the clear crystal dashes, and I'll create your special message on a stunning Sterling Silver chain.

Morse code necklaces made with natural stones are a stunning way to wear your message. I'm also able to make custom Morse code jewelry with any stone you prefer. Just contact me!

Choose one of these Morse code messages or create your own message with a personalized custom Morse code necklace for women.

What types of custom Morse Code necklaces do you make?

I can make any message you desire with my handmade personalized custom Morse code necklaces for women. My custom personalized Morse code necklaces are made using beautiful Austrian Swarovski crystals.

Do you make birthstone Morse code necklaces for birthdays?

Yes! You can choose the birthstone color for any of my custom Swarovski Crystal Morse Code Necklaces. A handmade Morse code necklace makes an outstanding birthday gift for her!

Do you make custom Morse code necklaces for wedding anniversaries?

Yes! You can choose your anniversary color for your custom Swarovski Crystal Morse Code Necklace. Handmade Morse code jewelry makes an outstanding anniversary gift for her. Even better - if you want a special sparkle on your wedding day, choose a custom Morse code necklace spelling out the date of your wedding in the sparkling crystal for that month. Your necklace will shine for your wedding day and you will have the perfect personalized necklace forever!

Are your Morse code necklaces made in the USA?

Yes! I design and make all of my handmade Morse code necklaces myself here in the mountains of Colorado, USA.

Is Sterling Silver jewelry hypoallergenic and nickel free?

Yes! 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy with no nickel - and nickel free jewelry is hypoallergenic. All of my handmade jewelry is hypoallergenic. To learn more about this topic, see my article on Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free Jewelry.

How should I care for my handmade Morse Code necklace?

As usual for all jewelry, you should not wear your handmade Sterling Silver jewelry in the shower or at the beach/pool. You should also avoid getting chemicals such as hairspray, sunscreen and hand lotion on your jewelry. Please do not put any of my handmade artisan jewelry in ultrasonic or steam cleaners. If needed, clean your jewelry with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly before storing. For more information about caring for your handmade custom Morse Code necklace, refer to my article - Cleaning And Care Of Your Handmade Artisan Jewelry.

What is the best length for a women's Morse code necklace?

The best women's necklace length depends on the neckline style and neck size. Most women prefer a necklace ranging from 16" to 18" in length. All my necklaces are adjustable from 16" - 19" in length. Contact me if you want a different length, and I can make it to your preference! For more details and a sizing chart for women's necklace lengths and styles, refer to my helpful article - Women's Necklace Lengths - How To Find The Perfect Fit.

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