Men's Bracelets

Do you want a subtle statement piece that also acts as a reminder or memento? Men’s bracelets are the answer!

Men’s bracelet options are more than just watches; a bracelet can subtly change your outfit or offer an important reminder to you. My men’s bracelets aren’t just about style, though that’s there too.
They’re also about stone meanings, personalized morse-code messages, and the connections we all share with each other and nature.

Plus, since you can see bracelets while you wear them, they’re a great way to remember what matters most to you.

Mark your next special occasion, significant accomplishment, or close connection with a bracelet that means something important to you.

Are Men's Bracelets Good For Everyday Wear?


Bracelets are some of the most widely accepted jewelry for men, which means that they can also be some of the best men’s jewelry for daily wear.

There are a lot of style options for handmade artisan bracelets for men, so you can customize the bracelets you wear to better suit your mood and fashion goals.

Are Men's Bracelets Appropriate For Work?

In most cases, yes. However, if you work with heavy machinery, power tools, or food, you might not want to wear bracelets at work because they can be a safety and hygiene issue.

Of course, always check with your workplace’s dress code before wearing any jewelry to work.

Do Men's Bracelets Need Any Special Care?

No. All of my handmade artisan jewelry is designed to be durable with normal use, and doesn’t require any special care the vast majority of the time.

That said, some of the leather men’s bracelets in my collection might dry out if they aren’t worn very often. A little mineral oil will restore moisture and flexibility to those bracelets if they do dry out.

The only real precaution for other men’s bracelets is that you shouldn’t tug on them too much, because the elastic or wire may stretch or break if you put too much pressure on it.

Are Your Men's Bracelets Hypoallergenic?

Yes. All of my handmade bracelets are hypoallergenic and nickel free. I make all my bracelets myself in part so I can make sure the components are hypoallergenic.

If you want to learn more about hypoallergenic jewelry materials, or why I take it so seriously, take a look at my article, Hypoallergenic And Nickel Free Jewelry Information.

Are Your Men's Bracelets Made In USA?

Yes. Like all of my handmade artisan jewelry, all of the men’s bracelets I sell are made right here in the United States, in my Colorado workshop.

Are Men's Bracelets A Good Gift?


Men’s bracelets can be a fantastic gift for the men in your life, and can be a great way to show that you see and appreciate them, especially when you include a special message, or choose a design that’s symbolically important to them.

If there’s someone in your life that would like a bracelet designed for men, I have a wide selection of handmade men’s bracelets to choose from.

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