Hearts For Valentine's Day!

Give Her Your Heart For Valentine's Day

Nothing says LOVE on Valentine's Day like a beautiful Sterling Silver Heart. I created a new collection of artistic dangling and hoop hearts special for 2022's Valentine's Day.
This year, give her your heart to wear year-round.

As a Green Business Leadership Partner, I donate 10% of your purchase to Conservation Colorado! 

Have Questions About Valentine's Day? I have Answers!


Do you have more Valentine's Day jewelry in addition to hearts?

Yes! My 2022 Valentine's Day Jewelry Collection includes hearts, reds, pinks and a splash of purple for those who also celebrate their birthdays in February!

What do you recommend as my first Valentine's Day gift for her?

The classic Valentine's Day symbol is a heart - so you can't go wrong giving her jewelry from my Valentine's Day Hearts Collection. Artistic Sterling Silver Hearts are unique on their own. If you want to add a bit more to your Valentine's Day message - red symbolizes love & passion!

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