Keychains & Clips

These Keychains will fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. Handmade with natural stones, carry these crystal Keyrings for their metaphysical properties or to help balance your Chakra.
And clips can be used for so much more than your keys!
Hang a larger clip from your car's mirror and add a small clip as a purse charm, backpack decoration or suitcase identifier.
The small clips can also be used as zipper pulls for jackets - perfect for winter days with your gloves!
These keychains and clips are perfect for men, women and children.

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Earth Song Jewelry Lapis Lazuli Copper Keychain for men, women, teenagers

Lapis Lazuli Copper Keychain

Description The perfect keychain for everyday use! Small enough to fit in your pocket, small purse or backpack. Just the right size crystals for these natural Lapis Lazuli stones to...
Earth Song Jewelry handmade Tiger Eye Copper Keychain for men, women, teenagers

Tiger Eye Copper Keychain

Description The perfect keychain for everyday use! Small enough to fit in your pocket, small purse or backpack. Just the right size crystals for these natural Tiger Eye stones to...



My mission is to create handmade jewelry celebrating the shapes and colors found in the natural world using materials and practices that are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical while giving back to protect our planet.

And, always using hypoallergenic, skin-safe materials so everyone can wear these miniature works of natural art regardless of allergies.


Can I ask to add birthstones to these handmade keychains?

Certainly! I often weave birthstones while creating my personalized keychains to make them appropriate gift items for birthdays. For instance, I have used Lapiz Lazuli in one of my unique handmade keychains which is the birthstone for people born in December. I can customize the design and add birthstones to the sterling silver keychains to meet your specific requirements. The natural stones, weaved with sterling silver can b a perfect option to gift on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.

Are there any metaphysical properties associated with the natural stone you use in your handmade keychain artisans?

Birthstones and natural stones, collected straight from the nature are generally believed to have special powers imbued within to enhance luck. You can take Tiger Eye or Lapiz Lazuli as examples, which are said to have mystic powers to control the Sacral and Eye Chakras along with summoning good luck and strengthening friendship. Natural stone artisans can be used in multiple ways, including keychain clips, charm keychains, zipper pulls, purse charms, or bag charms. Choose your favorite unique handmade keychains to enhance good fortune for you and your near and dear ones. Have a glance at my collections Earth Song Jewelry Keychains & Clips, of handmade natural stone clips and keychains to gain more information about the unique collection.

Do you use hypoallergenic materials while creating the natural stone keychains?

Yes, all my gift items and pieces of jewelry are made with nickel-free and hypoallergenic materials to maintain a high quality. I collect the raw stones directly from nature in Colorado, USA to avoid using harmful chemicals. My jewelry and customized gift items are weaved with natural stones and 925 sterling silver to suit all skin types. It is recommended to visit my blog Earth Song Jewelry Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free Jewelry, to clear your doubts regarding the quality of materials I use to create the handmade natural stone artisans.

What is the size of these customized natural stone keystones?

Taking into account the convenience of carrying the custom keychains in pockets or purses, I have maintained the size of 2 inches while creating the natural stone keychains. However, you can increase the size of these decorative keychains by adding more natural stones as per your requirements. You will be provided with a size guide for every personalized keychain on my website.

Is there any easy way to retain the shine of these handmade artisans for longer?

You don’t need to clean the natural stones or sterling silver beads regularly. Materials like Argentium sterling silver are used in making handmade natural stone keychains to delay the tarnishing process. The shine of the unique handmade keychains can last long if kept away from chemical-containing substances like hairsprays, perfumes, and lotions. You just need a clean cloth and plain water to wash the natural stone keychains, once in 6 months. Delve into my blog Cleaning & Care of Your Handmade Artisan Jewelry, to learn more about the cleaning procedure of my handmade artisans to retain the natural shine.

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