February Birthstone Jewelry

February's birthstone is the stunning purple Amethyst stone - representing love and inner peace. Amethyst has a long history, with its lore being passed across many cultures.
Its history and legends make Amethyst an interesting stone for more than its color.

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What is the meaning of Amethyst birthstone jewelry?

Amethyst stones have long been associated with love, romance and passion. Traditionally, Amethyst gemstones have also been used to celebrate the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Amethyst jewelry is a meaningful anniversary or birthday gift - it's believed to strengthen the bonds between lovers. Amethyst jewelry is also a special Valentine's Day gift to those born in February!

When and how did Amethyst become February's birthstone?

The exact origin of birthstones is not crystal clear. Still, the lore tracks back to biblical times with the description of Aaron's breastplate in the Bible. However, it wasn't until the first century AD that the historian Joseph declared a connection between the 12 stones in Aaron's breastplate and the 12 months of the year. Over the centuries, various cultures and beliefs have shaped the 12 birthstones - but Amethyst has been recorded as February's stone since virtually the beginning. Amethyst is truly one of the most special historical gemstones. Amethyst natural stone jewelry was even worn by the ancient Egyptians!

What types and styles of handmade Amethyst Birthstone jewelry do you sell?

In addition to dangling and hoop earrings, I have uniquely designed Amethyst natural stone posts and studs, along with both solitaire and multi-stone Amethyst chain, strand, lariat and pendant necklaces.

Does February’s Amethyst jewelry have any other special symbolism or properties?

Not only is Amethyst February’s birthstone, but it is also the traditional stone for those born under the Pisces Zodiac sign. Even more, Amethyst is known as the stone for Wednesdays! With its significance as a birthstone, for two wedding anniversaries, a Zodiac sign and a day of the week - it's clear that Amethyst stone jewelry has had a special place in people's hearts since the beginning of time.

In addition to being associated with love and romance, Amethyst jewelry is also believed to bring you good luck, spirituality and inner peace. If you're born in February, wearing your Amethyst birthstone jewelry is considered a sign of inner strength in many cultures. Clearly, Amethyst natural stone makes special jewelry with a remarkable number of meanings!

Is Sterling Silver hypoallergenic and nickel free?

Yes! 925 Sterling Silver is an alloy that does not contain any nickel, and nickel free jewelry is considered hypoallergenic. All of my handmade natural stone jewelry is hypoallergenic and nickel free! To learn more, see my article about Hypoallergenic & Nickel Free Jewelry.

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