Wearing Men's Handmade Jewelry

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When most people think of jewelry, they think of the rings, earrings, and necklaces most often worn by women. But why should women be the only people who get to express themselves through jewelry?

Men’s jewelry is a great way to add a pop of color or a sense of sophistication or meaning to your everyday look. Men’s stud earrings, necklaces, or bracelets can add personality and flair to your work clothes while helping you stand out from the crowd.

I think everyone should be able to enjoy jewelry if they want to, and it calls to them, which is why I’m proud to offer a line of Handmade Men’s Jewelry for you to enjoy.

Why Wear Men’s Jewelry?

Many men worry that wearing jewelry, or putting too much effort into their looks, might send the wrong message. But I think it’s just the opposite. Tasteful jewelry can help anyone express themselves in any company, including even the most masculine men.

Maybe you aren’t looking for bling. I get that too, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any jewelry for you.

One of the beauties of natural stone jewelry is that the stones themselves aren’t just beautiful. Natural stones also have traditional meanings and associations that can be meaningful to you.

For instance, Tiger Eye is symbolically connected to strength and willpower. Wearing the stone can help remind you of your inner strength or remind you to commit to habits that build your strength and will over time.

Men’s Morse Code Jewelry

Stone meanings not your thing?

I get it. Not everyone finds value in stone meanings, which is why I also make Morse Code jewelry. Messages written in natural stone jewelry can combine aesthetics and your life's essential messages or purpose.

Morse code bracelets are a physical and visual reminder of whatever messages are most important to you.

How To Wear Handmade Men’s Jewelry?

One of the barriers that stop men from wearing jewelry is they aren’t sure how to wear it or how to match it with an outfit so that it adds personality without seeming overdone or too distracting.

You can wear jewelry however feels best to you, but I have some tips to make it easier.

Pop Of Color

Since natural stone jewelry comes in many bright hues and patterns, it’s a great way to add a subtle pop of color to an outfit. Consider wearing men’s stud earrings that match your tie or pocket square, or even without those accessories if you don’t want to match colors.

The brighter the color, the less of it you need for an elegant and refined look. So an Onyx and Sterling Silver stud might work well with other accessories, but a brighter Lapis Lazuli stud can work either way.

Hidden Accessories

Not all jewelry needs to be worn openly to have meaning. Consider wearing men’s necklaces under your clothing to celebrate a special meaning or connection, ready when you need it but hidden when you don’t.

Men’s necklaces are also a great way to stand out when you want to. Necklaces are less common jewelry for most men, making them a bold statement piece when you display them on top of your clothing.

Reminders Where You Can See Them

Men’s bracelets are a little more common than necklaces and often have special meanings for the wearer. For instance,Men’s bracelets are a little more common than necklaces and often have special meanings for the wearer. For instance, my men’s Infinity Knot bracelets might symbolize a commitment to a partner, a moral code, or almost anything else you choose.

The real beauty of bracelets is that you can see them while wearing them. A colorful bracelet will catch your eye while you’re working or out with friends. The weight of a bracelet might be a good reminder of a person or something you value.

Men’s bracelets also make a great gift if you’re looking for something to give a loved one. The gift recipient will think of you anytime they see the bracelet while wearing it.

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Handmade men’s jewelry is about expressing yourself and bringing more meaning into your life, especially when choosing natural stone jewelry over other types.

But the most important thing isn’t the jewelry's meaning or appearance. The most important thing is how it feels to you as the wearer. If you find something you love, even if it isn’t typical men’s jewelry, that’s no reason you shouldn’t wear it.

Embrace your self-expression and taste. Wear what makes you feel good whenever and wherever you want to wear it. There’s freedom in just being yourself, and that freedom will help you feel more confident and prepared. That confidence is sure to help you succeed.

So, wear men’s jewelry (or women’s jewelry) wherever and however you like. Find the jewelry that has meaning to you, even if it’s just that it looks good, and celebrate living the way you want to.

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