September’s Birthstone - Celebrate With Sapphires

Sapphire Stone

If you have a September birthday, you’ve gotten pretty lucky in your birthstone.
While Sapphires are typically blue, Sapphires can come in any color except red.

Why not red, you ask? Because red Sapphires are Rubies!

Sapphires are a form of corundum, a colorless crystal that gets its brilliant hues from other minerals in the crystal structure. That makes Sapphires some of the most versatile of all gems.

Like all natural stone jewelry, the Sapphires I use in my Sapphire Jewelry are unique. I carefully match the colors and luster of my Sapphires to create handmade artisan jewelry that celebrates the best traits of every Sapphire I own.

Of course, Sapphires are used for much more than birthstone jewelry. Here’s a bit more about the history of Sapphires.

Sapphire History And Lore

Like most gemstones, genuine jewelry-quality Sapphires are relatively rare. However, the many colors they come in means that Sapphires have been used in jewelry across the world. You’ll see more than a few Sapphires included in Crown Jewels, and Blue Sapphires are traditionally associated with royalty.

Even Duchess Kate’s engagement ring features a Blue Sapphire! In fact, it’s the same Blue Sapphire ring once worn by Princess Diana.

The beauty of Sapphire jewelry isn’t the only reason Royals have worn Sapphires throughout the ages. Sapphires are also thought to attract wealth, protect from infidelity, and inspire loyalty.

That sounds like a good reason for Royals to wear them to me!

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t wear Sapphires yourself. If you love the traditional blue color of Sapphires, you might want to take a look at my Sparkling Sapphire Earrings and Necklace - Beautiful whether you wear them together or separately!

Where Are Sapphires Found?

Sapphires are found all over the world since they can form in lava and magma, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find gem-quality Sapphires just anywhere.

The very best Sapphires are found in the Kashmir region of India. Mining them is difficult, however, because the best gems are often found high in the Himalayan mountains. Cold temperatures and hazardous weather mean miners can only extract these valuable gems for a few months every year.

Of course, Sapphires are beautiful no matter where they come from, and other Sapphire mines are located in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and all over the world. There are even Sapphire mines in Montana, right here in the United States!

Celebrate Earth’s Natural Beauty This September

It’s incredible that Sapphires can come in a huge variety of colors and hues, but my favorite Sapphires are classic blue Sapphires. Why? Because blue Sapphires have a range and depth of colors that are rare to find in other gems. I’m always amazed when I see new Sapphires. Each stone has its own character and color.

Of course, Sapphires aren’t only used as a birthstone. Sapphires are also popular for engagement rings (even before Princess Diana chose one), and many people even choose Sapphires as their favorite gems.

Sapphires are also the traditional gift for your 5th, 10th, 45th, and 65th wedding anniversaries! That makes sense to me, you’d want to choose a remarkable stone to commemorate each of those important milestones in your relationship with your spouse, and Sapphires are a truly remarkable gem.

For myself, I love the look of Sapphires on their own, but I also love combining them with Emeralds and other gems that show off all the best traits of each.

Looking for natural stone jewelry to celebrate a loved one’s birthday that also celebrates our connection to the earth and nature? Might I recommend my Raw Beauty Earrings and Necklace that combines deep Blue Sapphires with grassy green Emeralds?

Birthstone jewelry is one of the best ways to celebrate the people you love, including yourself.

Are you looking to make birthstone jewelry for mom? I also create custom jewelry and would be happy to put something together that celebrates every birth with handmade artisan jewelry made with the birthstones of each child.


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