Stunning Handmade Rhyolite “Rainforest Jasper” Earrings!

Earth Song Jewelry Rhyolite Rainforest Jasper earrings


Rhyolite is one of those stones that really deserves more attention than it gets. This beautiful multi-hued variety of Jasper is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. Not to mention being a joy to work with for handmade jewelry artisans like me!

Since this is one of the most beautiful natural stones out there, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the natural stone jewelry you can get made with this stone.

Plus, if you like what you see here but want something a little different, you can always contact me to commission some custom Rhyolite Jewelry!

Without further ado, let’s look at my handmade Rainforest Jasper earrings!

Handmade Rhyolite Earrings To Add To Your Rainforest Jasper Collection

Since Rhyolite is a highly variable stone, I want to remind you that every stone will be a bit different from the others. The shapes and sizes are consistent in my jewelry, but each stone's balance of colors and patterns is unique.

That said, I carefully choose every stone when making new jewelry. That way, I can make sure the stones look good together and in the finished design.

So, while my product photos are always very representative of the design and the kind of stones you’ll be getting, your jewelry will always be a 100% unique collaboration between Mother Nature and I. Natural stone jewelry truly is a work of art. Every time!

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Rainforest Curves

Speaking of uniqueness, my Curves line of earrings is one of my most unique designs, unlike anything else.

These attractive Curves are somewhere between a traditional hoop and a dangling earring and are attention-getters in any setting. Beautifully simple, these earrings offer weight and balance to your natural features.

Plus, like all-natural stone earrings, the differences in color and pattern on every stone help keep things fresh and vibrant!

My Rainforest Curves come in all the shades of Rainforest Jasper, from the palest white hues to the rich green, and even occasional hints of yellow and orange in the stone’s natural colors.

Earth Song Jewelry Mother's Day Gift Jewelry

Copper-Wrapped Rainforest Nests

One of my favorite things about Rainforest Jasper is how different it looks when paired with different metals or stones.

The Copper wire in my Copper Rainforest Nests Earrings naturally brings out the orange and yellow hues in Rainforest Jasper, making the stone look warmer and more inviting. Plus, Rhyolite's natural banding and patterns make it easy to imagine that these stones were real bird eggs. Or maybe snake’s. Who knows? This is Rainforest Jasper after all.

Whatever egg you imagine these stones to be, they’re a wonderful subtle choice, perfect for daily office wear or as a more understated pair of earrings for any event or occasion.

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Silver Rainforest Dangling Earrings

Want something a little more dazzling? These Silver Rainforest Dangling Earrings show off some of the best features of Rhyolite natural stones.

Like Copper, surrounding Rhyolite with Silver changes the way the stone looks to us, bringing out the paler, brighter hues of the stone. The greens look brighter and purer, and the white of this stone almost seems to reflect the light of the Silver.

The combination makes the patterns in each stone really stand out, which is perfect for natural stone earrings!

Understated enough to be suitable for a wide range of events and beautiful enough for daily wear, these earrings are an excellent addition to any jewelry collection - particularly for nature lovers!

Earth Song Jewelry Mother's Day Gift Jewelry

Copper Rainforest Dangling Earrings

Silver, not your favorite? No worries, I have another gorgeous pair of dangling Rhyolite earrings that’s perfect for you.

This time with Copper and stones carefully chosen to look good next to Copper wire, my Copper Rainforest Dangling earrings are even more eye-catching than their Silver sisters. These earrings are slightly longer, and the Copper combined with yellow and orange in the Rainforest Jasper makes them perfect for anyone with warmer skin tones.

These colors will make you glow, so why not add them to your jewelry collection?

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Rainforest On A Hoop Earrings

Last but certainly not least, my Rhyolite On A Hoop earrings show off what makes handmade jewelry different. I am not afraid of these earrings looking different. Every single pair is unique, which is perfect because so is the person wearing them!

These earrings are perfect for Hoop earring lovers and are a great way to stick to a classic style while innovating and adding something new and different to your collection.

The Rainforest Jasper I choose for these earrings offers a ton of rich variety and color, and how well they show off the variety of forms and colors found in Rhyolite.

I also make this style in other stones, like my Rhodochrosite On A Hoop Earrings. Still, the Rhyolite is really perfect for nature lovers, people who love greens and yellows, and people who love seeing the organic shapes and patterns in natural stone jewelry.

Earth Song Jewelry Mother's Day Gift Sterling Silver Rhyolite Rainforest Jasper Necklace and Earrings Set

Bonus! Handmade Rhyolite Jewelry Set

I really wanted to showcase my Rainforest Jasper Earrings in this article, but I also have a pre-made set that deserves a little extra love in this case as well.

This handmade jewelry set features Sterling Silver and Rhyolite stones combined to create a striking look. My Silver Rainforest set really shows off the beautiful colors and patterns of Rainforest Jasper, while Sterling Silver accents work to brighten all the colors for a genuinely eye-catching finish.

Like all my natural stone jewelry, this set balances a more laid-back look with enough polish and flair to be suitable for even the most formal occasions. Wear the Rainforest Jasper earrings and necklace separately or together; they’re sure to please either way!


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