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Earth Song Jewelry Mother Nature's Gifts for the best handmade jewelry
Published: May 10, 2023, Updated: January 25, 2024


Mother nature is always with us. Sometimes we forget about that in the bustle of everyday life. Especially if you live in a city like most of us, it can be challenging to remember that nature is all around us and that the environment can have a big impact on our lives, health, and overall well-being.

Jewelry can be a reminder of the things that are most important to us in day-to-day life. That’s why I include the metaphysical meanings and uses for my stones and why I’m launching a new line of handmade Chakra jewelry soon.

But the physical appearance of some stones and crystals can be meaningful on their own, especially stones that remind us of the natural world and the processes that produce this beauty.

So, in honor of Mother Nature and celebrating all the beautiful things she gives us, here are some of the best handmade jewelry gifts that Bring Nature To Life!

Mother Nature's Gifts Make Natural Stone Jewelry


Rhyolite, commonly known as Rainforest Jasper, is well-named. Its range of greens, tans, and light browns are a direct reminder of the many greens and tans of living things. These stones are a crystallization of the many colors and shapes of nature, perfect in their many varieties.

I combined rainforest jasper with copper in this handmade necklace in part because I thought the combination of natural stones and copper was a better reminder of the natural world all around us. The copper also helps bring out the full range of colors in each stone, highlighting their uniqueness.

As a reminder of what we owe the natural world, from protecting our rainforests to cleaning up are neighborhoods, I think this necklace is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day, whether you celebrate on your own or give this necklace to a friend or loved one.


Looking for a pair of earrings to pair with my Rainforest Jasper on Copper necklace?

These handmade earrings use the same principles, celebrating the many different colors of Rainforest Jasper on brilliant copper to highlight all things natural through their greens and browns.

Whether you choose this gift on its own or as a set with my Rainforest Jasper on Copper Necklace, my handmade Copper Rainforest Jasper Earrings are sure to please.


Next on my list is a pair of Glowing Tiger Eye on Copper earrings.

Tiger Eye seems like a natural choice to celebrate Mother Nature for a couple of reasons.

The first is that Tigers, like so many animals these days, are endangered. If we want to preserve them and help them survive in the future, we need to take important steps toward their conservation, from protecting them from poachers to maintaining their territories and habitat.

But I also love Tiger Eye stones because they remind me of some of the most beautiful natural features of Colorado. There are places here where the rocks of the Rocky Mountains show beautiful stripes of color, millennia of stone formation on display, where the rocks have been thrust up and out of the earth below.

The beautiful stripes of Tiger Eye stones are similar, showing all the different ways nature, even deep below the crust, paints in beautiful colors.

So celebrate things old and new, thriving and endangered, and all nature’s variety with these handmade earrings.


Next, I have natural stone jewelry made from one of my absolute favorite stones for celebrating the natural world!

Azurite, which often naturally occurs with another stone, brilliant green Malachite, looks like a globe in miniature when it’s shaped into round beads.

Looking at this necklace, it’s almost easy to imagine that each of these stones is a miniature Earth, a world all its own.

What better reminder could there possibly be - of our own Earth and the need to tend and give back to Mother Nature?

I’m hoping that this Earth On A Chain Necklace will help you remember Earth every day and how beautiful our blue and green gem of a planet can really be.


Next up, to continue the celebration of Mother Nature, I have a matching pair of Azurite Holding Earth earrings. The silver wire wrapped around these stones reminds me both of the atmosphere and clouds but also of wrapping our globe in a nurturing embrace.

Our planet and its life and vibrant nature deserve our protection, and I hope that these earrings will serve as a symbol of that protection and responsibility.


Much like Rainforest Jasper, Unakite is a stone made from a combination of greens and reds, a collection of many different shapes and hues, just like nature herself.

I love these stones because the greens and reds remind me a bit of when Colorado is in full bloom. After all, Colorado was named for the red hue in our stones, the dirt, and our clay. That reddish color is even more vibrant when it’s surrounded by green trees and grasses, decorated with shrubs and bushes, and studded with our richly green succulents.

After all, Colorado might have been named for our red soil, but we’re also known as the Green Desert, and Unakite is a stone that really celebrates Colorado’s palette.

As a nature-inspired jewelry artisan, I could hardly resist making some natural stone jewelry with this special crystal.

When it comes to celebrating our planet, Unakite and my Unakite Solitaire on Copper handmade necklace is a reminder of all the different kinds of environments in the world around us. A reminder that every environment and ecosystem deserves celebration.


Of course, I had to offer a matching pair of earrings to go with the solitaire, especially given how the colors of Unakite remind me of Colorado summers.

These copper-wrapped Unakite Nests Earrings almost look like miniature maps of the desert or the precious egg of a desert bird. This is a reminder that Mother Nature might nurture and support us, but we also have a duty to nurture and protect her other creations. Just like a bird might protect her eggs in their nest.


The last offering on this gift guide was chosen because of its name and what it means for all of us.

Amazonite is a beautiful delicate green color. Its delicacy might just be a reminder that the Amazon Rainforest, for all its wonders and size, is a delicate ecosystem, one that cannot withstand the clear-cutting and logging that have become our habit there.

I hope that, if you choose to wear a pair of my Petite Peruvian Amazonite Earrings or to give them as a gift, you’ll keep the Amazon in your thoughts.

Earth Song Jewelry Celebrates Nature In Many Ways

I work hard to make sure Earth Song Jewelry not only offers high quality, beautiful, handmade jewelry but that that jewelry also gives back to the planet it comes from. I always use sustainably sourced stones and materials, including recycled or partially recycled metals and eco-friendly shipping materials.

A portion of the proceeds from my jewelry also goes to help support initiatives like Conservation Colorado so that the planet also benefits from my art.

There are so many ways to give back in our lives. I hope you take a moment to think about how you can support nature and the environment in your daily life. And, if you need more inspiration, I have an article of small things you can do to give back.