Stone Spotlight: Natural Rose Quartz Jewelry

Earth Song Jewelry Spotlight on Rose Quartz natural stone

Rose Quartz is one of the most common stones for natural stone jewelry, thanks to its beautiful color and natural beauty. It’s also a relatively common stone, and that abundance makes it a natural option for handmade stone jewelry.

But don’t worry that this stone is common. It’s still a very special stone, and comes in a range of pink hues and clarities, from almost opaque to almost completely transparent.

Did you know that Rose Quartz beads have been found in Mesopotamia? Dating back almost to the beginning of human civilization itself!

It’s clear that we have had an eye for Rose Quartz for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why. Like other Quartz crystals, the unique color of Rose Quartz is thanks to the inclusion of other minerals and metals in the stone. In this case, the pink hue comes from Titanium and Iron.

The more Titanium in the stone, the brighter the pink color becomes.

Most of my handmade Rose Quartz jewelry uses a milky, almost completely opaque pale pink variant of the stone. I love this soft hue, a bit like mountain rose petals, but with a quiet luster that glows in most light.

Don’t be surprised to find some slight swirls in the color, or darker and paler pink in the stones, as most Quartz has some variations in the stone.

Rose Quartz Metaphysical Properties And Chakra Uses

Because Rose Quartz has such a long history with people, it makes sense that the stone has a lot of metaphysical properties and associations.

One of the strongest meanings of Rose Quartz is what gives the stone its nickname. Rose Quartz is also called the Love Stone. But don’t be mistaken, the Love Stone isn’t just because of its powers of romantic love.

Rose Quartz is thought to help open you to all forms of love, including friendship, familial love, and self-love and confidence. It’s an excellent stone to wear any time you want to deepen your relationships with others. It can also be a fantastic stone to wear to show your appreciation for your relationships.

Rose Quartz is also closely associated with your Heart Chakra, where it both opens your Heart Chakra open to stronger relationships and new relationships both. But it can also help steer you away from codependency, false relationships, or harmful connections.

In the same vein, Rose Quartz can also help restore the balance and flow of your emotions, making it easier to see and feel them more clearly.

Lastly, Rose Quartz is also a very positive and protective stone, and can help provide balance, clear away negative energies, and encourage positive emotions.

Natural Stone Jewelry: Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a newer addition to my handmade natural stone jewelry, but a stone I’m excited to use more!

The easiest way to find more handmade Rose Quartz jewelry, including Rose Quartz earrings and bracelets, is to look at my Rose Quartz jewelry collection.

I’ve also included Rose Quartz in my LGBTQ pride jewelry, as well as in my new Chakra jewelry collections.

Of course, I’ve also created some Rose Quartz jewelry that only features that one stone as well!

One of my favorite creations are my Rose Quartz Pendulums earrings, which show off the delicate color of Rose Quartz will bring out the best of your features, while this elegant design is perfect for any occasion.


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