Natural Tiger Eye Stone Earrings You’ll Love To Wear

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Tiger eye is one of those stones that looks good in any arrangement. It’s one of the most popular stones for natural stone jewelry, including natural stone earrings, and it’s also one of the most recognizable stones you can wear.

The incredible beauty of a typical Tiger Eye stone makes them the perfect choice for your jewelry collection - plus, Tiger Eye is thought to have some additional properties that make it even more special.

For one thing, Tiger Eye stones are considered powerful Chakra stones and can help balance several different Chakras, especially your Sacral Chakra (or Solar Plexus Chakra if you choose natural Blonde Tiger Eye!). They’re a stone that helps promote strength and balance and can help you bring your mental and physical strength to the fore.

But, if you’re looking for high-quality natural stone earrings, especially with a popular stone like Tiger Eye, you shouldn’t just buy from anyone. Many people sell fake stones or make jewelry with low-quality components that either fall apart or are just plain uncomfortable or even unhealthy to wear.

So, I thought I’d put together a quick guide about why it’s essential to get high-quality Tiger Eye earrings and then show you some of my favorite Tiger Eye earrings and why you should add them to your jewelry collection.


Why You Shouldn’t Wear Just Any Tiger Eye Stone Earrings:

Choosing a reputable seller or maker is incredibly important when it comes to natural stone jewelry, especially earrings.

There are a lot of jewelry problems that can come from low-quality components but might not be immediately obvious.

For one thing, Tiger Eye is such a popular stone that it’s often faked, using optic glass that looks like Tiger Eye but is anything but the real thing. Another common option for sellers who don’t care about offering quality jewelry is choosing low-quality natural stones.

Like most stones used in jewelry, natural Tiger Eye stones can form with cracks and faults in the stone. Not all of those cracks will necessarily damage the appearance of the stone once it’s cut and polished, but they will make it weaker. These low-quality stones are prone to chipping or crumbling after being worn for a while.

Unfortunately, without knowing exactly what to look for, it’s hard to tell what stones are prone to this kind of damage. It’s better to buy from reputable sellers you trust only to use high quality durable stones.

The other widespread problem with natural stone jewelry, including Tiger Eye jewelry, is using lower-quality metals for the other components of the jewelry.

I only use hypoallergenic and nickel free metals for my jewelry, including both my Sterling Silver jewelry and my Tiger Eye and Copper earrings.

But, a lot of the cheaper natural stone jewelry uses plated materials without labeling them that way. So you might think you’re buying Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Earrings, but you’re really buying Silver-Plated Tiger Eye Earrings instead. And when that plating wears off, you don’t know if the metal underneath will be comfortable or safe to wear.

If you’ve ever had a pair of earrings start to itch after you wore them a few times, or noticed that your ears were swelling up while wearing them, or that your piercings turned green, this is why.

So, avoid the cheaply made Natural Stone jewelry out there. Buy from artisans like me here at Earth Song Jewelry or other retailers you trust to deliver high-quality products and make it right if something goes wrong with your jewelry.

The High-Quality Natural Stone Tiger Eye Earrings You Deserve

Now, let’s take a closer look at the natural stone Tiger Eye Earrings you should be adding to your jewelry collection.

I have a wide range of Tiger Eye jewelry, from Tiger Eye stud earrings to more elaborate Tiger Eye dangling earrings. But, if I don’t happen to have exactly what you’re looking for, you can always contact me about making you a custom pair of Tiger Eye earrings.

One more disclosure before we get started. When I am choosing stones to use in my product photos, I look for stones that are representative of the type of stone and quality I will use in that design. But natural stones are all unique works of art in their own right, and no two stones are exactly alike.

That does mean that, while your earrings will be 90% similar to the ones in my product photos, the exact stones may look slightly different.

Stacked Tiger Eye Dangling Earrings

If you’re looking for a set of Tiger Eye Dangling earrings that are long enough to attract attention but not so long that they are heavy or distracting, these are a great option.

I think the copper accents on these earrings are a fantastic complement to the natural Tiger Eye stones. The copper helps mellow the yellow-gold in each stone, giving the Tiger Eye an almost honey-like glow.

Stacked Tiger Eye Hoop Curves

Want a slightly more dramatic look? Something with a unique flare that’s sure to express your personal style well?

Well then, I’d recommend my Stacked Tiger Eye Hoop Curves. These earrings are a combination of several of my favorite designs, including my stacked natural stone earrings, my take on a classic hoop, and the more open design of my Curves line of earrings.

The bright copper metal I use for these hoops is sure to draw the eye as well. A little warmer than a traditional gold hoop, I find that copper tends to work better with a wider range of skin tones. Plus, it’s a great contrast to the brown and gold colors in my Tiger Eye stones.

Better yet, these hoops are a reasonable size, eye-catching, and lightweight! No more earaches from wearing heavy earrings!

Copper And Blonde Tiger Eye Saucers

One of the things I love about working with natural stones and metals like copper is that it gives me a chance to make jewelry with more of a personal touch. Take my Copper and Blonde Tiger Eye Dangling Earrings. I hand-select the stones that I will pair with these earrings, and I prepare the copper saucers for their backdrop by hand as well.

That means that the stones and the saucers will always be unique because I hammer and patina each copper saucer myself.

Plus, these earrings are just one of the more vibrant and fun-loving designs I’ve seen. They’re perfect for wearing to the office but even more fun when you’re out with friends, browsing the Farmer’s Market, or out to eat with a loved one.

I particularly enjoy the contrast of the patina copper and my natural Blonde Tiger Eye stones, but I do also offer this design with standard brown and gold Tiger Eye stones as well.

Copper-Wrapped Tiger Eye Nests

If you’ve been wanting something more like simple Tiger Eye stud earrings, my nest earrings are a great option.

The ring of copper wrapping the Tiger Eye stones makes these earrings resemble bird nests with an egg but also provides a delicate-looking frame to help the earrings appear a little more formal than plain stones.

Of course, since Copper complements Tiger Eye stones so well, I opted to make Copper Wrapped Tiger Eye Nests.

Petite Tiger Eye

Lastly, I thought it would be good to add one of the most lightweight Tiger Eye dangling earring options you’re likely to find.

My Petite Tiger Eye Earrings are perfect for anyone who loves the look of Tiger Eye studs but doesn’t want post-earrings. They’re subtle enough for even the most conservative workplace dress code and lightweight enough to be comfortable even in freshly-healed ear piercings.

Plus, I really think that Tiger Eye stones are beautiful enough all on their own. These stones don’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles to be gorgeous and easy to appreciate.


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