The Most Popular Handmade Earring Styles

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Earrings are some of the most varied and versatile jewelry out there. They come in thousands of different shapes and sizes, and adding color makes them even more varied.

That’s a great thing if you want to express yourself in jewelry, but it can mean that choosing the right earrings is more complicated.

Of course, it's harder to find the perfect earring for your face if you don't know what style options are out there! 

So here are some of the most popular styles of earrings, with examples that will help you tell what kind of earring you're looking at and choose between different styles for your jewelry collection. 

The most popular earrings are always going to be the ones that make You look best. So, be free, go wild, and choose the styles you like! These are just a few suggestions to help you find earrings that make your natural features and style shine.

The Most Popular Types Of Handmade Earrings

Handmade earring designs are usually more unique than the earrings you can get at any department store, but that doesn’t mean it’s easier to find the right look for you.

But, there are a few styles and looks that are always popular. Many of these looks are perfect for any occasion as well.

Simple Studs

Stud earrings are a simple and elegant choice for any occasion. These earrings will always be popular, and they come in a wide variety of styles and even in a wide variety of gemstones.

If you aren’t sure what kind of earrings to wear or which ones will be most appropriate for the occasion, studs are always a safe bet.

Stud earrings are typically a single-stone, but they can sometimes be surrounding by accent stones, and in some cases may simply be a metal design on a post. They sit on your earlobe rather than dangling down, or curving in a hoop around your ear. 

They are almost always post-earrings, meaning that they have a metal rod that goes through your ear piecing with a separate back that goes on to the earring to secure it to your ear. 

However, not all post earrings are studs. As I'll discuss in the next section, a post earring refers to how the earring stays on your ear, not the style of the design. 

Post Earrings

Post earrings have the same type of back as stud earrings, a post that goes through your ear piercing, but they can also be longer and come in various designs. 

Any earring the has a post is a post earring. Studs are almost always posts, but they have a specific design. 

My handmade post earrings dress up a single-stone style by offering a little more length and flare. The result is an earring that draws a little more attention to itself and your face.

With the beauty of natural stones, these earrings are suitable for almost any occasion. The only times these earrings aren’t a good choice is when they are a little too long, like if you’re working with power tools or outside with animals.

Want an eye-catching stud alternative? Consider my Amethyst Hammered Posts, or give my Onyx version a try for a more formal look.


Hoop earrings are another evergreen style that’s popular now and is likely to be popular in the future as well. These earrings are suitable for when you want an attention-getter, and handmade earring designs add a lot of variety other than just a standard hoop.

A hoop earring refers to any earring that loops in a circle or oval around from the front of the piercing to the back. They're typically worn on the earlobe, but smaller hoops can be worn in almost any piecing on your ear, which means there are a lot of style options to choose from. 

If you have more than one piercing you can even combine hoop styles with earrings of another style, or wear multiple different sizes of hoops earrings to really emphasize your neck and jawline. 

Are you looking for some added flare? My Earthy Mahogany Hoops have a lot of color and style but are still versatile enough to work for a lot of occasions and outfits.

Ear Threader Earrings

Ear threaders are one of the most unique earrings you can wear. You can pretty much guarantee if you’re wearing one of these that, you’ll be the only one wearing them at your next event.

Ear threaders are designed to thread through your piercing, with a dangling portion of the earring that balances either with the back of the earring, or with another decorative piece depending on the design. 

That makes ear threads a fantastic handmade jewelry option for outgoing people, events where you want to attract a little more attention, and anyone with a more adventurous sense of fashion.

My Blue Agate Ear Threads are an excellent option for any natural stone jewelry lover who wants to start with a more subtle set of ear threads to see how they work.

Dangling Earrings

Dangling earrings are elegant and glamorous, perfect for formal occasions, free spirits, and dressing up an everyday look. Dangling earrings can also be an excellent fit for a wide variety of face shapes, ranging from metal like silver or gold to earrings covered in brilliant gemstones.

Dangling earrings refer to any earring that hangs down from your piercing, and can range in size from half an inch long (or even less in some cases) all the way to several inches. Some dangling earrings may even touch, or, more rarely, lay across your shoulders. 

There are an almost infinite number of shapes and styles for dangling earrings, ranging from subtle to ornate. That means there are dangling earrings for every face shape, outfit, and personal style, you just have to find the right pair for you. 

Like hoops, people with more than one piercing may opt to wear more than one pair of dangling earrings. If you want to wear more than one pair, it's generally a good idea to choose different lengths, and to make sure the designs look good together, even if you're wearing different stones or styles in each pair. 

Birthstone jewelry dangling earrings are also trendy. They’re great for everyday wear or anytime you don’t have specific earrings for the occasion. Birthstone jewelry celebrates you, so it’s perfect anytime.

My natural stone earrings are a great option if you want to add a pop of color that’s elegant and refined at the same time. These Amethyst Stacked Pendulum earrings are something a little different, but still elegant and classic and always-popular stone.


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