Natural Stone Jewelry - A Soul Connection To The Natural World

Earth Song Jewelry - Natural Stone Jewelry is a Soul Connection to the Natural World

Every now and then, I meet someone who describes themselves as an “indoor” person. Maybe it’s too hot or too cold where they live. Maybe they burn easily in the sun or are easily annoyed by pesky bugs. Maybe they don’t enjoy outdoor activities and prefer indoor interests. It’s fair enough to say we’ve figured out how to make “indoors” a pretty comfortable place to be. I can understand how some people might not love being out in nature the way that I do.

But the interesting thing is, studies have shown that being outside in nature actually lowers stress, improves your mood, and can even give you more energy and focus. We have done everything we can as a society to create an artificial space to live our lives and forget the very simple fact of existence: we are nature. Of all the vast species of animals that find their home on planet Earth, we have a tendency to forget that we are one of them.

We all crave a connection to nature

We are nature, but we are not living naturally. No matter how much we protest it, it’s there in our DNA for scientists to discover. When we take time to be close to nature, we experience very real health benefits, not to mention the enjoyment of being outside (when one can get past the bugs and the less-than-central-air conditions.

Modern life makes that connection difficult

In our modern experience, even people who love being outside don’t always have the time. Not everyone has the lucky experience of walking out their front door into the beauty of the natural world. When you don’t have nature waiting at your figure tips, sometimes you have to go out of your way to find it and connect with it.

Natural stone jewelry has always been a way for me to feel more connected to nature. Especially living in Colorado where the mountain landscape is so omnipresent, wearing a piece of handmade natural stone jewelry is like tucking a piece of the mountain itself into my outfit. When I’m stuck indoors, I can glance at my bracelet  or necklace and remember to think about the bigger picture and the things that are important right to the heart of my existence.

Find your personal connection to the natural world

As I design and create handmade artisan jewelry, I hope to capture that connection to the natural world in every piece I make so that when you wear my jewelry, you feel it in your soul.


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