July’s Birthstone: Ruby - King of Precious Stones

July’s Birthstone: Ruby - King of Precious Stones

If you were gifted with a birthday in July, rejoice and hail the king of birthstones! This might sound like an awfully confident thing to say about Rubies, considering how many other beautiful gemstones there are to choose from. But don’t take my word for it; in Ancient Sanskrit, the word for Ruby was ratnaraj, which translates to King of Precious Stones!

Rubies have been prized since as early as 200 BC. Throughout history, we have associated Rubies with passion, vitality, and protection. Not to mention wealth; Rubies have long been considered a status symbol among the rich and powerful. Rubies have been July’s birthstone since 1912 and have also been used to celebrate 40th wedding anniversaries.

Rubies: Energy, Passion, Protection

Rubies have been the subject of countless literary references for their beauty and are associated with wisdom and passion. Three of the most common properties given to Rubies are energy, passion and protection.

Rubies are naturally fluorescent, which means there is a faint glow inside the deep red of the stone. This glowing red is easily associated with fire energy and the most intense emotions we feel, from anger to burning passion. Ruby symbolizes any emotion that you can describe as burning inside you, like rage and lust.

Lore exists from more than one culture where warriors would carry Rubies to protect themselves from those that would do harm to them. One such culture in Ancient Burma believed that the best way to get protection through rubies was to physically embed them in their skin!  

Celebrate July with Rubies

Birthstone jewelry always makes a thoughtful gift. I hand-select each of my diamond-cut natural Rubies to ensure they sparkle and shine! Wear Rubies with the luscious look of ripe raspberries - as dangling sterling silver Ruby earrings, hammered heart Ruby hoops or a stunning Ruby necklace.

If you’re looking for handmade artisan jewelry to celebrate yourself or someone you love, my Ruby collection is a perfect choice for a unique and thoughtfully selected gift. You can learn more about other kinds of natural stone jewelry on my blog: All About Stones.


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