Aquamarine Earrings Your Jewelry Collection Needs

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Published: June 28, 2023, Updated: January 26, 2024

Aquamarine is one of those crystals that really shines on its own. It’s no wonder that Aquamarine is March’s birthstone, or that Colorado chose this stone as our state gem.

So color me surprised that so many people forget about this beautiful stone when they’re building their jewelry collections. After all, there aren’t that many pale blue stones that have the variety of presentations, raw beauty, and range of color that Aquamarine has.

One of my favorite ways to use Aquamarine in natural stone jewelry? In earrings, of course! Not only are earrings some of the most popular and common types of jewelry people wear, earrings are also perfect for the pale blues Aquamarine stones are best known for.

So, since Aquamarine is March’s birthstone, has connections to Colorado, and therefore my Colorado workshop, and also just a fun stone to work with, here is a quick guide to some of the best handmade Aquamarine earrings you can get.

Earth Song Jewelry Handmade Aquamarine Earrings

Like all of my handmade natural stone jewelry, I make all of my Aquamarine earrings myself in my Colorado workshop. That means that, while I try to choose representative stones in my product photos, every pair of earrings is truly unique.

You should expect some minor differences in the color or patterns you see on your Aquamarine earrings, because every natural stone is a unique piece of mother nature’s art. However, the size, shape, and overall design of your earrings will be identical to the ones in my product photos.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to what you’re really here for, handmade Aquamarine Earrings!

Petite Aquamarine Dangling Earrings

First up are some of my simplest, but most classic, Aquamarine earrings. My Petite Aquamarine Earrings are all about the elegant combination of light blue natural Aquamarine stones with Sterling Silver earrings.

A single ring connecting the stone to the base of each French Hook helps give the earrings just enough length and drama to catch the eye. The single stone is big enough to stand out, but not so big that it draws too much attention away from your face, or looks unprofessional. But, because of Aquamarine crystals’ natural beauty, it’s also just elegant enough for even the most formal occasion.

Of course, for any of my French Hook earrings, I can also swap the hook for a more secure leverback. If you’re someone who struggles with earrings trying to fall out of your piercings, a leverback closure is the perfect solution.

These earrings are also small enough to be friendly for sensitive ears, people with newly pierced ears, or anyone who just doesn’t like wearing larger heavier earrings.

Aquamarine Curves - Unique Hoop Earrings

Classic hoop earrings are one of those styles that never really goes out of fashion. But, with so many versions of the classic hoop out there, I wanted to be a little more adventurous and design a hoop-style earring that was a little different from your run of the mill hoops.

My Curves line of earrings are the result.

Aquamarine Curves are a fantastic pair of winter earrings with the beautiful pale blue of the stones complementing the bright silver of the curve. They aren’t complete hoops like a traditional hood earring, which means they can move and shift a little more, drawing more attention while always staying firmly seated in your ear.

If you’re looking for a fun new variation on the hoop earring design, these are the earrings for you.

Hammered Sticks Aquamarine Drop Earrings

My hammered sticks earrings are another one of my unique designs meant to bring just a little different flavor to a tried and true style.

Combining post and dangling earring styles, the stick design takes what would otherwise be a stud earring, and makes it into something a little different - more Avant-Garde and bold than a typical stud without being too flashy for business attire.

Of course, like all of my Aquamarine Earrings, my Aquamarine hammered sticks take advantage of the beautiful harmony of colors between the natural Aquamarine stones, and the bright polished Sterling Silver.

Double Aquamarine Dangling Earrings

My Double Aquamarine Dangling Earrings always remind me a little bit of the Springtime clouds in the skies, or of snowmen just starting to melt and turn the crisp blue of ice. Either way, these earrings are a beautiful reminder of many of nature’s wonders, from the sky to lakes and rivers, and, of course, the natural stones they’re made from.

This simple set really takes advantage of the natural beauty and patterning of opaque Aquamarine, showing off the color the best way I know how.

Nests Aquamarine Stud Earrings

Sometimes the classics are exactly what you’re looking for. When it comes to stud earrings it’s hard to argue with what works. These earrings are simple, elegant, classics that can be worn for literally any occasion.

If you’re looking for earring that are workplace or small-child safe, Aquamarine stud earrings are a great choice. The smaller earrings are hard to get caught in anything, and toddlers are unlikely to be as interested in these earrings compared with dangling styles.

Of course, I couldn’t resist putting just a little flare on the classic design - the Sterling Silver wrapped around my Nest earrings makes them look like just that… a bird’s nest!

The bright blue of these Aquamarine reminds me particularly of robin’s egg nests, but they are a beautiful option no matter what stone you choose in this style.

Custom Aquamarine Earrings

While I’m confident that there is something for everyone in my current Aquamarine collection, I also know that sometimes you’re looking for something very specific. So, if you have any ideas for handmade Aquamarine earrings for yourself or a loved one, feel free to reach out and see if I can make a custom set just for you!