Host and Hostess Handmade Jewelry Gifts For Thanksgiving

Earth-Song-Jewelry-Handmade Holiday Gifts for the host or hostess

Bringing host gifts used to be more common here in the United States, but it’s a practice I really think we should bring back.

After all, hosting major gatherings can be a big undertaking, especially when you’re hosting anything more than one or two people, or preparing a big meal like on Thanksgiving.

Even if your host is someone who really enjoys hosting, it’s still a good idea to bring along something to show your appreciation.

These days though, the most common host gift is something like a bottle of wine, which usually gets consumed during the gathering.

Shouldn’t a gift be a little more lasting and meaningful than a couple of glasses of wine?

Natural stone jewelry is a nice relaxed gift that still has meaning and significance. You might even notice your friends or family members starting to wear your gift for special occasions, or other times that they are hosting.

After all, the best part of any present are the memories that go with it!

Get Host And Hostess Gifts That Last: Natural Stone Jewelry

There is an important balance to strike when you’re choosing a host or hostess gift for someone. You need to choose something you think they would genuinely like and appreciate, without going overboard and getting something that could give the wrong impression.

That’s why I created my Host and Hostess gift collection. This collection is full of beautiful natural stone jewelry that works well as a host or hostess gift. The natural stones are gorgeous as always, but this jewelry is understated enough to be a good friend or family gift.

As a bonus, in case you’re attending a professional party or social networking gathering this Thanksgiving, these gifts are also perfect for coworkers, professional contacts, and business peers.

Red & Black Fire Polished Czech Glass Bracelet

Most of my jewelry is made of natural stones straight from the Earth. However, sometimes I do make an exception when I see something made from natural materials that just stands out and seems exceptional.

My Czech Glass jewelry is one of those exceptions. Czech glass has a wonderful often multi-hued effect when finished, and is a wonderfully durable option for jewelry and gifts. I love the way this glass looks a bit like natural stones, and a bit like something all its own.

My Red and Black Czech Fire Polished Glass bracelet is a great gift for people of all genders, and shows off all the best features of Czech glass. Plus, the black and red colors make this bracelet a standout accessory, sure to draw the eye.

I love the combination of casual and formal fashion in this bracelet, and the fact that it’s a great gift for almost anyone on your list. This is a good option for host and hostess gifting, but, if you’re looking ahead to the Holiday Season, it might just be a great holiday gift too!

Apatite Solitaire Earrings

Apatite is one of the newer additions to my natural stone collection, and I particularly love the color variations on this remarkable natural stone. The deep blue color of every stone, shot through with brilliant white, is one of the most striking natural stone color combinations I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t resist making a Solitaire earring set from these incredible stones, and they are one of the better host gift options in my collection.

These earrings are nice enough that they are a great present, but understated enough that they work well as a simple gift between friends.

The best host and hostess gifts are the kind the host or hostess can use everyday. Well, these elegant Apatite Solitaire Earrings are just that. Don’t be surprised if you notice these earrings coming out more and more after you gift them!

Sparkling Garnet Earring and Necklace Set

If you’ve been following along on Earth Song Jewelry’s small business journey for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized that I love this Sparkling Garnet Earring and Necklace set.

It may help that Garnets are such a beautiful and meaningful stone, but I also appreciate the way these natural stone Garnets are cut. The sparkles from these crystals are no joke (the pictures really don’t do them justice!), making this is the perfect gift for someone who really stands out as an excellent host.

If you’re looking for something exceptional to give this year, or want to make up for not bringing a host or hostess gift before, my handmade Sparkling Garnet Earring and Necklace Set is a fine choice!

Greek Leather Infinity Knot Bracelet

Want something a little more masculine to give this year’s Thanksgiving host?

My Greek Leather Infinity Knot Bracelet can come to the rescue!

Choosing gifts for men is often more difficult, at least in my experience. There are fewer good options, and it can be more difficult to get a sense of what men would appreciate in a gift. These Infinity Knot Bracelets are a great way to get an understated, but still meaningful gift, especially for stoic men that are difficult to shop for.

Especially if you and your Thanksgiving host have a long history together, the infinity knot symbol in this bracelet is a great way to honor all the history and the depth of the relationship that comes with it.

You can even get a host and hostess (or hostess and hostess, or host and host) pair a matching set of these bracelets for an even better host gift!

Malachite Solitaires, Necklace and Earring Set

Last, but far from least, another of my newer additions! I’ve loved Natural Malachite stones for a long time, but it can be difficult to find high quality stones like the ones I have right now. I’m so grateful that, heading into the Holiday season this year, I’m able to offer reasonably priced and absolutely stunning Natural Malachite Jewelry.

This Necklace and Earring set of Malachite Solitaires is one of the most gorgeous sets in my shop right now, if I do say so myself. Malachite stones are a natural stand out in almost any setting.

By letting the beautiful stripes and patterns in Malachite stones stand out on their own, they don’t need any additional ornamentation.

Like my Sparkling Garnet Set, my Malachite Solitaires jewelry set is the perfect gift when you really want to thank your host or hostess, and want to show your appreciation with a beautiful and practical gift.


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